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Hi Legends

A quick, but very important reminder: From tomorrow, you will need to be a JEFF Member in order to access and watch all of our daily workouts. Our 8am HIIT workout will continue to be streamed in our JEFF Together Facebook group but all other classes will be streamed in our JEFF Members group. Sign up now and become a JEFF member to continue to access your favourite classes. 


What does a JEFF Membership include? 

Set up your membership for only R200 per month and you will get access to the JEFF Web App and the JEFF Members Facebook group to unlock 30 live classes a week, including:

JEFF HIIT. Our 30 minute workouts are at the core of what we offer. We make it easy and enjoyable to work out at home. Whether you're a beginner, or a huge fitness fanatic, you will get a well-structured, 30 minute cardio workout every single day with our awesome instructors. You can choose to workout live with hundreds of others at 6am, 8am, 4pm and 5:30pm or watch on playback in Facebook or in your JEFF Web App. We have now also launched a low impact class daily for post-partum mums and those who struggle with the odd niggle and want a class without jumps, running etc. We even have kiddies HIIT classes so your kids can burn a little excess energy ;)

JEFF FLOW for daily active recovery, stretching and yoga at 7am.

JEFF RUN for better running performance through guided training and awesome music as you run. You won't believe how time flies on the road or on your treadmill!

JEFF ED where you get top-class education and insights on our three pillars of exercise, nutrition and mindset and we answer your questions.

JEFF COOK where we cook healthy, delicious and simple meals together supported by our nutritionist and fun instructing team (plus get access to loads of recipes for your family!)

Get stronger, leaner, faster, fitter and be your best. With JEFF. 

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