On our leading fitness programs, with support every.single.day from our exceptional coaches, your results are guaranteed. Just ask the 1,000s of people who have transformed with us.

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Get with the program

It works because you are in charge. In charge, but accountable to your coach at all times. A 7-week, 10-week or 14-week journey that fits into your world. A journey back to healthy eating, exercise and sustainable results for life.

What to expect

Here’s a snapshot of what the JEFF training programs look like.

Virtual Support

Virtual support

Receive daily support via WhatsApp, video calls and email

7-week, 10-week or 14-week program

We’re all about creating personal training courses for you

5-6 hours/week of self-paced training

Manage your own schedule and fit exercise time into your lifestyle

Supportive community vibe!

Discover a supportive community of other JEFF’s worldwide

Personal coach

Receive next-Level support from your Faculty coach

Eating Plan

Simple and effective eating plans to suit your needs and preferences

Training plan

New personalised exercise programs are emailed to you each week

Assessments every 3 weeks

One-on-one video assessments to track progress and well-being

The results our clients get*

*These results are based on our programs over 1 and 2 months, with the majority of our clients starting between 70kg and 90kg. Clients with a heavier starting weight are likely to achieve even better results!

Over 1 month




Over 2 months




How it works

This isn’t some fad or a miracle formulated weight loss smoothie regime. Designed by Johno Meintjies, a world-renowned sports conditioning coach and performance specialist, the JEFF e-fitness programs offer personalised diets and exercise plans that have a proven track record.

The journey you will undertake with us will be foundation-forming and lead to sustainable results. 

Weekly exercise programs

Depending on the JEFF program you’ve selected and your personal goals, we’ll create a fitness exercise plan just for you, every week, which we share with you via email.

As we’re well aware, sticking to an exercise routine can be a challenge. That’s why we work with your schedule and adjust accordingly.

Balanced nutrition

As most fitness experts will agree, diet is crucial to achieving your goals. Whether it’s fitness levels or weight-loss, your diet is the fuel for your body.

Finding that perfect balance and maintaining it is something our JEFF team will help you achieve. We also understand you’re human, so there will always be a day-and-half treat day in the dietary plan.

One-on-one online coaching

It’s all about the one-on-one treatment. Our JEFF trainers will be calling you for a video assessment every three weeks and will be in contact daily via WhatsApp. This is to check on your physical and mental progress.

Because this is done digitally, you can carry on with your life. After all, you need to be able to live with the plan and transform it into a habit. 

Wherever you are, we are too

Our programs are entirely digital so we serve anyone, anywhere. We are currently helping clients on 6 continents.

Unless you’re in Antarctica. In which case, 7.

Sign up from anywhere.

Trust the process and reap the rewards

We believe in providing proof. There are a lot of “lifestyle weight loss” and “endurance training” programs out on the web. So, we’re proud to report that ours actually works. 98% of our clients have achieved their goals on programs we’ve planned for them. 

Our current client satisfaction Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an unbelievable 80 or more. 

Real people – real results

Helen Lost 12kg and 113 skinfolds in 14 weeks

I’m on Johno’s 14-week program and wanted to share my success story so far with you. I started off the program at almost 80kg and I’m now weighing in at just under 68kg, so that’s a massive 12kg drop which I’m so pleased with! I’m also down about 113 skin folds, so lots of body fat lost too…

What our customers are saying

We believe the best spokespeople for our personal fitness and lifestyle programs are those who are still following the plans. JEFF’s team has helped thousands of individuals from across the globe achieve their goals.


The JEFF team of faculty coaches are dedicated and ready to guide you along your journey. They will also set goals, educate and support you on a daily basis throughout the program. Also, they are all professionals in niche fitness sectors, karate, post-pregnancy workout, marathon, and so much more. There’s an online facility coach just for you who will create the exact diet and exercise regime you need.

Frequently asked questions

It’s totally understandable that you might have some questions to ask the team. But before you reach out to the team, let’s see if our frequently asked questions answer your query.

  • Where will I exercise?

    You can choose to do a home-based or gym-based program, whatever suits you best.

    You will complete the weekly exercise programs on your own and at your own convenience, receiving daily guidance from your coach and providing your coach with daily feedback on your workout. There are also workouts that incorporate outdoor walking and running.

  • Does my Faculty Coach join me at each of my training sessions?

    No. And there is an important reason: we don’t want you to become dependent on us. Our aim is to teach you self sufficiency when it comes to working out, helping you to achieve sustainable results beyond the program. The coaches will help you to do the hard work at the beginning – so you don’t need us after you finish the program.

    But don’t worry, thanks to technology we’ll be with you every step of the way.

  • So how does my Faculty Coach work with me?

    You will have a video assessment with your coach every three weeks to check in on your physical and mental progress. Outside of this assessment time, your coach will interact with you extensively via WhatsApp, think of them as your fitness bestie. You will get daily contact with your coach who will help and support you on your journey of transformation.

    Each Friday, you will receive your exercise plan via email for the following week. It will come to you in an easy to understand and easy to print format.

  • What are the benefits of an online/virtual program?

    The benefits of working out on your own include the ability to manage your own schedule. Whether you’re travelling, have a surprise obligation you can ensure that your exercise time slots in perfectly into your lifestyle.

    Your Faculty Coach will guide you through the process and you will feel confident and empowered to exercise independently long after the program is over.

  • What kind of food will I be eating?

    Each client’s eating plan needs to create especially for them. Everyone’s nutritional needs, exercise routine, and any dietary requirements are different.

    So, expect your coach to be very engaged with you throughout the process refining the diet.

    If there are questions the coach will be on hand to help answer questions you may have about your meals and nutrition throughout your journey to transformation.

  • Can I have a cheat day?

    Yes, in fact you can have 1.5 cheat days every week! The program works when you eat clean, portion-controlled meals for 5.5 days out of every week.

    Balance is an important part of a sustainable healthy eating plan so the program does factor in a balanced lifestyle.

  • Great. So how hard is this program?

    Our clients generally say that the first 3 weeks are the toughest weeks. You’re adjusting to clean, portion-controlled eating and regular exercise and this can be challenging, particularly for those of us who lead busy lives. But don’t worry, we’re here to get you through it. Trust the process and you’ll reap the rewards!

  • Does it work?

    It works very well, but it does require determination, dedication and willingness to trust the process from your side.

    What we are offering isn’t a fad or a miracle formula, it’s a foundation-forming proven program and dedicated support that helps you change your eating and exercise habits for sustainable results.

    If you’re into numbers, 98% of our clients have achieved their goals on our program. And our client satisfaction Net Promoter Score (NPS) is currently an unbelievable 80 or above!

    We love to let our clients do the talking – check out our client success stories here on our website and social media platforms to get an idea of their real experiences.