No gym? No problem

JEFF Together

No gym? No problem

Join us for free 30-minute, coach-led daily workouts, morning and afternoon, live on our JEFF Together Facebook group powered by Vitality. Stay fit, healthy and connected.

JEFF Together

What is this all about?

The best way for SA to stay fit, healthy, connected, hopeful and smiling – it’s JEFF Together powered by Vitality!

This free, daily, live workout group was started by JEFF – Johno’s eFitness Faculty who are reinventing personal training with the JEFF Program. Thousands of people are tuning in daily at 8am and 3pm for 30 minute live workouts led by Johno Meintjes and his special family in the mornings, and the exceptional JEFF coaches with their kids in the afternoons.

In this disruptive time there are things we crave even more than normal. Connection, togetherness, routine, health – something fun for the whole family to enjoy!

Tell me more about JEFF!

JEFF is personal training reinvented. It’s 1-on-1 digital coaching and nutrition for the gym, road or home that gives you flexibility, connection and accountability. It’s a simple monthly subscription that you can use from anywhere in the world, with no gym membership required. It’s all the personal coaching, plus more, at half the price.

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JEFF Together

Back to FREE daily workouts. When is the action?

Grab a mat, throw on your activewear, get your friends involved and join 1 of 2 live workouts every day:

8AM (GMT+2)
3PM (GMT +2) – get the whole family involved with a kiddies-focused workout!

JEFF Together Coaches

What can you expect?

Expect to sweat! Expect to see our coaches and their families lead you through a series of workouts. Expect realness. Nothing is scripted. Everything is live. The camera may fall over – but that doesn’t matter. What matters is us all feeling connected, healthy and fit! Let’s JEFF Together!