Run together, have fun together! Eat clean together, get lean together! At JEFF we’re all about being active and healthy, and that goes for your dating life too. 

It sounds lighthearted, but the truth is that prioritising a healthy lifestyle as a couple can change your relationship with each other and your family in a powerful way. Embracing a healthy lifestyle together can give you as a couple a deeper connection, shared enjoyment of new activities, more quality time together and a longer life! 

Here are some top tips for fun, sweaty dates to get the heart racing. 

1. Hire bikes and explore your city from a different perspective

Whether riding along a promenade or through a park, there’s something exhilarating about cycle-exploring for a change.

2. What’s SUP!?

Test your balance with a stand up paddle board session. Perfect for working the core, and no doubt having a laugh! Who stays dry the longest?

3. The good ol’ sunset stroll

Who doesn’t love a romantic sunset? Catch those last rays while strolling or hiking hand in hand.

4. Take a dip

If you’re lucky enough to live beside the seaside then get to know the local tidal pools and beaches and visit for a sunrise dip. Nothing gets the heart racing like a dip in some fresh sea water! Pack a flask of coffee to warm you up.

5. Kayak you a lot

Water, waves, wildlife and tandem paddling. Hop into a kayak together and head for the horizon… aah lovely!

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