1-on-1 Grad Program

Say hello to the 1-on-1 Grad Program, a program available exclusively to those who have laid the correct healthy habits in our 1-on-1 Personal Coaching program.


WHAT IS 1-on-1 grad?

Who is this for?

You’ve put in the hard work, learned the lessons and laid the foundations for healthy living for good. You’ve enjoyed the JEFF journey and you value the exceptional coach support, the structure of an eating and exercise plan. You now know how to make healthy choices for yourself, but you still want access to an incredible coach and an accountability group who will support you as you strive to thrive.

You will receive a monthly check in with your coach, a weekly review with your coach to check your week's activity and a monthly nutrition and exercise plan suited for you. You will also have access to a 5-person accountability team and all content in the JEFF Web App, both which will keep you on track and feeling your best!


The 1-on-1 Grad Program experience

Monthly coach check-ins

Chat to your coach about your progress and review your goals.

Weekly coach review

Touch base with your coach each week to review your activity.

Optional accountability group

Join a 5-person WhatsApp accountability group with your 1-on-1 Grad team members (share your post-work out pic, ask questions and support each other)!

Nutrition plan

Get a monthly nutrition-plan that helps you reach your goals. Get access to our library of delicious and nutritious recipes. Log your nutrition in the JEFF Web App.

Training plan

Weekly training plans adjusted to your personal goals. Log your workouts in the JEFF Web App.

Web App Access

Track your health and habits daily (stress, sleep, hydration, training), track your progress towards your goals, create community events and more!




A 1-on-1 Grad who continues to live the JEFF Life

"After six brilliant months on one-on-one with Coach Kelly, I found that I'd nailed the nutrition and workout parts of my programme, but I hadn't yet met my ultimate goal. While I no longer needed the daily check-in with a coach, I did want someone in my corner cheering me on towards that finish line. I love that the 1-on-1 Grad Program gives me a sense of confidence to make good choices for myself throughout the week with the security of knowing Coach Lucy is there when I need a boost or some sage advice." - Lou, on her experience on the 1-on-1 Grad Program

A few words from Coach Lucy

"Lou is incredible, her pictures are evidence of her hard work and determination but the change you can't see is that she now believes she CAN...and so anything is possible! One of her goals was to feel like she did when she got married - that's only 7kgs away now! No goal is too big, it just takes consistency. This can be the hardest part of a journey and as the body changes, so do your nutritional and workout requirements. So the weekly sync-up allows us to keep these aligned to her goals and then go on to maintain them!" - Coach Lucy



Log all your data in our incredible JEFF Web App

Track your health and habits daily (stress, sleep, hydration, training and nutrition). Access 30+ live classes every week and 600+ on-demand classes. Earn badges, access community events and groups, and more!


recipes & weekly menus

Take full control of your diet & nutrition

Our meal plans, recipes and nutritional guidelines will help you to maintain your weight and understand the basic concepts behind nutrition: flexible dieting, the hand model guide, and learning how to keep your metabolism burning. Access any of our live or on-demand JEFF Ed classes in the JEFF Web App to learn more about how to optimise your nutrition.



Variety to suit your fitness levels and goals

We’ve added some new and exciting training tracks to our 1-on-1 Coaching Program to better suit your specific goals. We’ve launched a new advanced fitness track, led by Johno, a strength training track, led by Seri and a Running track led by Sakkie. We’re also launching a postpartum track and a “new to working out” track to help ease beginners into our program.


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