Just over 90 days 'til Summer

What will you achieve in that time?  

Winter has been tough. We’ve tried to get up in the cold and the dark to exercise. If you’re a parent, you’ve struggled through work and school holidays. You’ve made dinner in the dark with loadshedding. You’ve probably felt the impact on rising costs in the economy. And, amongst this all, you’ve probably not prioritised your health. It’s just so hard.

But with the change in seasons, and the days getting progressively longer, brighter, warmer… we have the opportunity to lift our heads and to change. And in 90 days, wow, we can change a lot!


* if you sign up by Thursday, 28th of July!

Where do you want to be on the 1st of November?


Improved energy and mood levels?
Improved mental health?
Better quality of sleep?
Better focus?
Deeper connection with yourself and loved ones?
Better Skin?
Down a few kgs?
Leaner and stronger?
Recovered from an injury?


The first step in improving your health is to move your body and eat well. We are here to help you do both!

It’s all about going back to the basics. Once we get these right, not only will we be able to make significant strides again, but we’ll be more equipped to deal with future challenges that come our way.


What can you expect to achieve?


Your Mood

Your Weight


You can expect to lose between 6 and 9 kg, and 10-15cm** as you lean up and begin to feel fitter, stronger and able to do more.

Not only that but you will gain control of your day, get better quality sleep and handle daily stresses better. You will approach your day with more energy and focus.

**your results are dependent on your starting weight and fitness

 See for yourself in these 90-day results 

If the incredible JEFFers pictured below can do it, we all can!

Choose the right membership for your needs and save!

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R 295




100+ exercise programs. Dozens of varied seasonal menus, packed with healthy, delicious recipes. Educational and self-improvement courses developed by subject matter experts. All of this supported by our incredible community and a dedicated Club Coach!

Advanced 1-1 Coaching


R 1650




Get everything on JEFF Club plus the unequalled daily support of a 1-1 Advanced Coach! Individualised exercise and nutrition plans, in-depth monthly progress checks and all the guidance and motivation you could ever need!



Need guidance to get started?

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