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Your first two months of JEFF Club & 1-on-1 Coaching

Whether you're New or Returning to JEFF, now is the perfect time to reignite your health.

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  • JEFF Club 

  • WAS R200 p/m
  • R120 p/m
  • for December & January
    • Save R160 in total

  • Daily Coaching 

  • WAS R2250 p/m
  • R1350 p/m
  • for December & January
    • Save R1800 in total

  • Weekly Coaching 

  • WAS R1450 p/m
  • R870 p/m
  • for December & January
    • Save R1160 in total


It's not only about incredible discounts.

It's also about what's coming next...


Get access to our NEW Native App

Our Native App live!

If you decide to sign up now you get a first dibs on downloading our brand-new Native App with improved existing and exciting new features designed to supercharge your health and wellness goals, including Fitness Device integration, Food Diary & Lifestyle Tracking.


Take JEFF on Holiday with you

Traveling during the holiday season? Take JEFF with you and stay on track with express, on-demand workouts requiring no equipment.

And as a special bonus, with any purchase during this promotion, unlock exclusive access to the FREE 25 Day Festive Fitness Challenge – think of it as your December advent calendar filled with health and fitness surprises.


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Have some questions?

Here is some more info.

If I sign up now - when do I start?

When you sign up using the Black Friday discount you start immediately. For anyone who is signing up for 1-on-1 Daily or Weekly Coaching, you can choose if you would like to start on either Monday, the 27th of November or Monday, the 4th of December.

Please note that you are unable to sign up now and delay your subscription to only start in January.

I am currently a JEFF member - can I use this discount code?

Our Black Friday discount is avaialble to New and Returning members, however If you are a current member and would like to upgrade your membership to Daily or Weekly Coaching - you can use the discount code BLACKFRIDAY40 at checkout when you manage your subscription from the Web App.

When will I get access to the Native App and what can I expect?

After over a year of loads of hard work behind the scenes, the first version of our Native App ready!

As well as all everything our current Web App offers, the following features are available to you on the Native App:

  • A more intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  • Enhanced performance and search filtering for faster access to your favorite fitness resources.
  • Exclusive features that will make your workouts, nutrition resources and tracking even more enjoyable.
  • Fitness device integration

  Do you have big goals and need more support?

 Get started with a coach 

Select your goal and join one of our specialised programs with a coach.



Postpartum Power

Starting on the 29th of August


Clean Up Your Act

Starting on the 5th of September

What can you expect to achieve?


Your Mood

Your Weight


You can expect to lose between 6 and 9 kg, and 10-15cm** as you lean up and begin to feel fitter, stronger and able to do more.

Not only that but you will gain control of your day, get better quality sleep and handle daily stresses better. You will approach your day with more energy and focus.

**your results are dependent on your starting weight and fitness