NEW Training Block

Say hello to Core & Cardio, a new training program available within our 1-on-1 Personal Coaching Program.



The Core & Cardio Block is available to and recommended for both new and current 1-on-1 clients. Clients that are either looking to build core strength and or establish existing core strength going forward. You do not need to be an expert nor do you have to be brand new to the fitness world.


Core & Cardio

Who is this for?

✔️ Any person of any fitness level looking to build core strength and or establish existing core strength going forward.

✔️ If you’re cruising, thriving and wanting the latest and greatest JEFF has to offer.

✔️ If you’re coming back from a long break.

✔️ If you’ve reached a plateau in your results or fitness.

✔️ People who have the potential to work off a high impact base at a high intensity.

✔️ All current 1-on-1 clients depending on any stage of their journey.


Core & Cardio

Weekly Plan


Week ⁠1️⃣ - Strength & Cardio Activations

Week 2️⃣ - Strength & Cardio Progression

Week 3️⃣ - Strength & Cardio Intervals

Week 4️⃣ - Taper Week



The Core & Cardio experience with 1-on-1 Coaching

Personal Coach

You'll be paired with a world-class coach who'll give you unparalleled direction, guidance, and accountability, all delivered online with exceptional daily support. 

Weekly coach check-ins

Chat to your coach about your progress and review your goals each week to keep you on track.

Daily coach reviews

Touch base with your coach every week day to review your progress and activity.

Nutrition plan

Get a monthly nutrition-plan that helps you reach your goals. Get access to our library of delicious and nutritious recipes. Log your nutrition in the JEFF Web App.

Training plan

Weekly training plans adjusted to your personal goals. Log your workouts in the JEFF Web App.

Web App Access

Track your health and habits daily (stress, sleep, hydration, training), track your progress towards your goals, create community events and more!


recipes & weekly menus

Take full control of your diet & nutrition

Our meal plans, recipes and nutritional guidelines will help you to maintain your weight and understand the basic concepts behind nutrition: flexible dieting, the hand model guide, and learning how to keep your metabolism burning. Access any of our live or on-demand JEFF Ed classes in the JEFF Web App to learn more about how to optimise your nutrition.


Chat to your coach for more information to get started on this new block as soon as possible.


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