Join us for 25 Days of Festive Fitness

Get ready to stay motivated throughout the festive season.

Starting December 1st, tick off each day with an express activity from your 25 day calendar - from low impact sessions, high-impact workouts to calming meditations and insightful nutrition tips.
Every day brings a new challenge that's manageable yet impactful, ensuring you stay on track without feeling overwhelmed. Experience the new JEFF Native App features and connect with community members via the monthly WhatsApp accountability group.

The best part?

It's FREE! 

For all our members.


What's included?

✔ Follow a 25 Day Activity Plan

✔ A variety of 10-15 minute daily activities including; high & low impact workouts, nutrition tips, challenges, meditations and more

✔ Led by our expert coaches & instructors

✔ Join a community WhatsApp Group for gees and accountability

  Do you have big goals and need more support?

 Get started with a coach 

Select your goal and join one of our specialised programs with a coach.



Postpartum Power

Starting on the 29th of August


Clean Up Your Act

Starting on the 5th of September

What can you expect to achieve?


Your Mood

Your Weight


You can expect to lose between 6 and 9 kg, and 10-15cm** as you lean up and begin to feel fitter, stronger and able to do more.

Not only that but you will gain control of your day, get better quality sleep and handle daily stresses better. You will approach your day with more energy and focus.

**your results are dependent on your starting weight and fitness