Low-Impact Full-Body  

21-Day Beginner Fitness Program with Jade and Edgar



About the program


Join Edgar and Jade on this 21-day low-impact beginner exercise program if you are ready to put your health first. This program was created for anyone who is ready to start or restart prioritising their health & fitness journey. Each session is 20min long, including a warm-up to start and a stretch at the end, to ensure we are setting you up for success to prepare your muscles & joints to work and ensure that your recovery & results long term are achieved.

This program would be ideal for anyone who is either exercising for the very first time or who is coming back to training after having been off due to illness or injury. Each workout is joint & lower back friendly and will get you confident in your body’s abilities to move once again.


Starting Monday, 3rd of October

Choose to follow it structured over 21 days, or self-paced as an addition to your other training.


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