We are so excited to launch our new Native App - here is some more information about what to look forward to and how this change impacts you.

What is a Native App?

  • A native app is a type of mobile application specifically designed and developed for a particular operating system, such as iOS (Apple) or Android. Unlike web apps that run within a web browser, native apps are built to function on a specific platform, taking full advantage of the device's capabilities. This means that a native app is optimized for performance, responsiveness, and user experience on a particular device or operating system.

  • Native apps are typically downloaded and installed directly from the device's respective app store, like the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. They are stored on the device, which allows for faster loading times and the ability to access certain features even without an internet connection. Native apps can also make use of device-specific functions, such as the camera, GPS, or push notifications, to provide a more integrated and tailored user experience.

  • So, it's a smoother and better experience all around. When we switch from a web app to a native app, it's like giving you an even better tool to use. Enjoy!


When will the Native App Launch?

We are aiming to launch the JEFF App before the end of the year and are working hard behind the scenes to get it to you as soon as possible. As a JEFF Client - you will be the first to know when we have an exact launch date, giving you as much time as possible to adjust to your shiny new JEFF experience.

What happens to the Web App?

The Web App will still be available to use however some of our new programs and workout format (sessions) will not be available in the Web App.

What happens to all my past activity & data?

  • All your activity such as reward points, badges you've earned and dots logged will show up in the Native App.


How does this impact my subscription?

There is no impact on your subscription - everything will continue as is.

What changes for me?

Besides having a better tool to access workouts, recipes and educational resources, not much changes for you. The big change would be that instead of accessing JEFF via your Web Browser, you will now be able to download the app onto your phone and access all the improved functionality and new features the Native app has to offer.

What are some of the new features I can look forward to?

Here are some new features of the JEFF Native App:

Fitness Device Integration: Seamlessly connect your fitness devices.

Step Tracker: Easily monitor your daily steps.

New Improved Workout Format: Enjoy upgraded at-home or in-gym workouts.

More Class Variety: Discover additional mobility, foam rolling, and express sessions.

New Progressive Programs: Work toward long-term goals with structured programs.

Improved Meal and Lifestyle Tracking: Achieve your nutrition and wellness objectives.

Improved Class Filtering: Find the perfect workout based on equipment requirements, fitness level, muscle target group, and session duration.

Enhanced Design: Experience a user-friendly interface for effortless navigation.

Easy Access: Downloadable from any App Store straight to your mobile device


Why did we decide to launch a Native app?

We decided to launch a Native App to improve your JEFF experience and allow us to build more stable technology which introduces new functionality and features.

What new exercise and nutrition content can I expect?

You will have access to the following new content:

Express Mobility Sessions

Express Guided Foam Rolling Sessions

Sessions easily filtered according to your fitness level, equipment availability, target area & style of training

In Gym & At Home Workouts

Five New Guided Programmes: 4 Weeks HIIT, 4 Weeks LIIT, 4 Weeks Beginners Lift, 4 Weeks Inter - Adv Lift and a 6 Week Low Impact Bullet Proof Bod Program.

New nutrition tools & advice

Exercise guides with cues to check form in your own time


What happens to the current content?

  • All your past favorite programs, classes and recipes will still be available on the Native App.


How much does it cost?

  • JEFF Club & Coaching product costs will stay the same - so you get access to so much more for the same price you are paying now.

  • JEFF Club = R200 p/m or 150p/m for Discovery Vitality Members

  • 1-on-1 Daily Coaching = R2250 p/m

  • Weekly Coaching = R1450 p/m


Where do I download the Native App?

The JEFF App will be available for download from the Google, Apple & Huawei App Stores after launch.