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Save 25% off your first month

on the 1-on-1 Coaching Program.




Save 20% off the monthly price for all three months

on the 1-on-1 Coaching Program.



Get 25% off your first month

on the 1-on-1 Coaching Program.



Get 20% off per month for 3 months

on the 1-on-1 Coaching Program.

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"Shooo so lockdown eleventy hundred and 4 million finally caught up with me. Working full time from home, online schooling for 2, trying to be the best "employee", the best "mom" and the best "wife" just became too much. My one saving grace has been JEFF and my JEFF Coach Dominique. The biggest hit has been the mindset but thanks to the support of Coach Dom and the training outlet I have pushed through. These times are tough and sometimes we forget to be kind to ourselves. My check in this week blew me away, and despite needing to tighten up the eating am really happy with the progress I have made. The Jeff family is like no other, thank you for the constant inspiration and ongoing support. Good luck fellow Jeffers no matter where you are in the process, keep pushing and know you are just amazing! #trusttheprocess #jefflegends"

- Kirsty, with Coach Dom.

"It has been 1 month on the JEFF 1-on-1 program and I have to say it was a good start to my journey! Like many journeys not every step is easy and not every encounter pleasurable but the destination is worth every step! I am only at milestone 1 (month 1 done) on my JEFF journey - this past month certainly was not without temptations… that evening wine, the pasta and pizza dinners, etc… what I can say is that I have not once regretted NOT indulging or caving in to those thoughts. I never thought dinner without carbs can be enjoyable, but now it is a way of living - and I certainly feel lighter and stronger in the mornings. It’s only my start, but a really big shout out and big thanks to JEFF Coach Jethro and our #battlecats team for encouragement and continued motivation and support. Here is to the next month"

- Ilse, with Coach Jethro.

"Choosing to be part of the 1:1 program with JEFF, is really choosing ME. And making a commitment to myself and my health. From the FREE groups and even the paid for challenges, you get SO MUCH value, but the 1-on-1 Coaching Program takes everything to another level.

The support and motivation I get via WhatApp from my coach, + the meal plans, exercise programs, the community and check ins have all helped me in my journey. And this is a journey, a marathon, a long time life change. NOT sprint, not a diet or fad culture. It is about education and empowerment and longevity and sustainable choices to help me long term. I have loved this path so much, and having the right support with me has made all the difference!"

- Anandie Klaasen, with coach Lauren.

"So worth it. 3rd month on 1-1. This is the first time in my life I have stuck to working out 5 days a week for more than a few weeks! I can feel my body changing and getting stronger and that is so much important than the weight loss (but I am almost 5kg down and going strong!) So thankful to Coach Sam."

- Shelly Schutte, with coach Sam.


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