We recently chatted to the editor of All4Women and shared our top tips for new moms who are striving to find balance and a healthy lifestyle in those early days postpartum. These are our top tips for new moms:

1. Be patient with yourself

Yes, your body looks and feels different, and it is! It achieved something absolutely incredible, and you should celebrate it. Don’t feel the pressure to ‘bounce back’, as that can be a heavy mental burden to bear. Rather focus on fuelling your body with healthy food, and strengthening your body and mind with slow and steady physical activity that falls within your current reasonable ability.

Have patience, this is a beautiful season of life!

2. Schedule time for yourself to move

It takes a village to raise a child, and you’ll need support in order to carve out a bit of time for yourself. Reach out to your partner, a friend, relative, nanny or babysitter and schedule a regular time to get a daily dose of movement in. Honour this as an “appointment” with yourself – you’ll appreciate a small break to yourself and the movement will get the endorphins flowing! 

Get yourself Back on Track

Our Back on Track Program is a 7 or 14-week coach-supported nutrition and fitness program that takes you back to the basics of healthy eating and exercise success.

3. Have a plan

You have enough on your mind – why not take the thinking out of meal preparation and your exercise plan? The JEFF program gives you a weekly eating plan that is affordable, easy to shop, super easy to prepare and food that the whole family can enjoy together. Shop your groceries online for extra convenience. 

It can be daunting to have to think about what to do at the gym, or how to workout at home. The JEFF Back on Track gym and home-based programs take the thinking work out of it and help you to get maximum benefit from your limited time. 

4. Eat fresh and green

Sleep deprivation and the overwhelm of parenting can have you reaching for lots of coffee, sugar-laden processed convenience foods and snacks – not to mention those toddler leftovers you graze on throughout the day! Set yourself up for success by having a weekly eating plan and stocking your fridge with the right stuff. The JEFF program provides you with a plan that is super simple, packed with nourishment and easy to follow.

5. Happy mom, happy family

Remember, self-care isn’t selfish. Making time to exercise and making healthy eating a priority is important for your well-being, and in turn that of your family.

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Who is the expert?

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