45-Day Challenge Pass

45-Day Challenge Pass

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Please note: if you're on 1-on-1, you're not eligible for this Challenge.

Life is full of challenges.

But what if you chose a challenge specially designed to help you make incredible progress towards your health and fitness goals in just 45 days?  Led by an inspiring instructor, including a day-by-day exercise and nutrition plan, and supported by a 5-person accountability team to keep you on track.

Well then you’d be sure to succeed!



1. Make sure you are a JEFF Life member, if not sign up here.

2. Purchase your 45-Day Challenge pass redeemable against the challenges below running from 7th of June - 21st of July.

  • 45-Day Kruger Park Challenge

3. Start your challenge in the JEFF web app.


Space is limited and registration for these challenges closes at 4pm on Thursday, 3rd of June.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Claire van Staden
Loved this longer challenge

This is my 3rd challenge with Jules and really enjoyed the chance to do the longer format. The accountability group was great and we keep each other going for sure!

Lara Valstar
45 Day Julz Challenge Review

Phenomenal value, unbelievable support, engaging products and lifestyle sustaining offerings. I am hooked for life.... This legend thinks you are all hero's 👌💪

I am challenged

I am enjoying the 45 day Island challenge. Physically it has pushed me to do more. I love exercise. I thought the JEFF Life classes were challenging enough, but this takes your fitness to another level.
The group support helps keep me on track in terms of eating and motivated me in terms of showing up and working hard for execise. My group opted to put up our exercise stats and that had pushed me too.
The added bonus is the Jeff Ed's that Juls thoughtfully took the time to put together is much appreciated.
The meal plan is great, it opens up your mind to more nutritios ways of making meals you normally would make.
The one thing that could change is the playlist. Music motivates. I am 40, but I still want to hear more current, upbeat pop or various genres of music that one hears on the radio. E.g. "eye of the tiger" and many others like it is ok to hear once in a while, but so tiring to hear week after week.

Heather Yelland

45-Day Challenge Pass

Mayuri Kesa
Hello Mauritius

Juls the island challenge took my fitness to a level I didn’t know I had within me.
Thank you for the inspiration, I looked forward to your workouts daily.