1-on-1 Personal Coaching Program

1-on-1 Personal Coaching Program

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Please note: fitness programs are subscriptions and recurring payments are billed according to your choice of plan. You can cancel with 7 days' notice.


Coach availability is limited for new starters this month. Don't miss out on the coach of your choice!


"The best gift you can possibly give yourself or someone you love! A caring community, an awesome coach and support all of the way.. don’t even think twice!"

— Melissa

Exceptional support delivers unparalleled results

You'll be paired with an amazing coach who'll provide you with exceptional online support every single day.

First they'll work with you to set goals based on your personal history, current health and fitness and short and long-term objectives. These goals will be linked to a personalised exercise and nutrition plan accessible from JEFF's awesome Web App.

Then they'll check in with you every day, via WhatsApp, to motivate you, hold you accountable, answer your questions and ensure you're on track. You'll have monthly progress check-ins together that will guide the evolution of your plans over time.

They'll give you the advice, flexibility, cheerleading and guidance you need to finally get to where you want to be. It's life-changing!


  • You'll be paired with an exceptional coach who will connect with you, assess your starting point, set goals with you, and give you a holistic nutrition and training plan to achieve your specific goals. Our team includes Olympians, PHDs, biokineticists, international trainers, sport stars and experts in a variety of fields.


  • Your coach will give you a holistic nutrition and training plan to achieve your specific goals. Trust the system and follow the process, and you will achieve unparalleled results!


  • Along with our existing training cycles tailored for beginner to advanced levels including At Gym, At Home, Low Impact, High Impact training and running training cycles, we’re adding even more options!

    We’ve launched a brand new Strength training cycle, a new Fitness training cycle, a 5km Running training cycle, with Postpartum and ‘New to Exercise” cycles launching in May. All of this to better serve you and your specific goals, no matter what level you’re at.


  • Your coach will check in with you every single day to make sure you’re on track! They'll work with you to reset your behaviour and create healthy, sustainable habits.


  • Feel the unparalleled support of our exceptional coaches, instructors and community of more than 50,000.


  • Choose from 50+ live workouts per week, including HIIT, LIIT, Yoga, Zumba, Run, Pilates and Cycle. Whatever your needs, we have classes for you!


  • Join the conversation in our exclusive JEFF Life Facebook community for even greater connection.


  • Participate in incredible online and in-person events. Including workout parties, runs and dress up events for our community.


  • Use the awesome JEFF Web App for easy access to it all!


  • In addition to the exercise and nutrition plans provided by your coach, join our education sessions and cookalongs for even more expert fitness and nutritional guidance.


Cindene, a mom from Ballito, has achieved incredible results in only 3 months on JEFF's 1-on-1 Personal Coaching Program!
"I'm a lot more confident, I'm in a really happy place. It's a whole body, mind and soul transformation. Being on the program with Liz was honestly the best thing I've ever done. The habits are now in place, I've changed my lifestyle and I'll continue with it going forward."



Customer Reviews

Based on 886 reviews
Kim cochrane

I am so happy I joined Jeff Fitness, absolutely loving my running 🏃🏼‍♀️

Coralie Scott-Mackie
1 on 1 with MEL


Marlon Shevelew
One month in

In a month I’ve lost 7 kg. For me the two most important aspects have been the need for me to be accountable to my coach and the constant checking in by my coach as to what I’m eating in and how I’m doing. It has been a revelation. I’m looking forward to the remaining two months on this program.

Larisha Naidoo
Tried it all…. Never looking back !

I was new to this community, from the outside it seemed crazy, I saw a 24hr marathon workout. I thought these people are fanatics and insane. I just didn’t know I was willing to be a part of the madness, so I checked it out and on a Sunday when I was feeling low after Covid burn out and needing a boost, I enrolled. I got a call from Coach Dom and she told me her life story in the medical world and how she needed to get out. I resonated with her. She join and see how it goes, I did that very same day and was super excited to be placed with Coach Dayne, who was not even in RSA. He is kind and soft but he gets the work done. Very gently guiding me along, showing me the path along my journey , we get along really well. He has been my inspiration to never give up. I always want to do better and strive to be better than myself yesterday. I have realised that I needed someone to talk to about emotional eating, bullying in the workplace and off course workouts. I realised workouts were not my issue, I could exercise, I loved it. Nutrition was my weak point, I am very conscious of what I eat now because the concept of taking pics of what I eat and sending it to him is a little scary even though he is not judgemental. He never enforced anything , I did. I made sure I meal prepped and eventually I won my weekends with food. I took walks instead of snacking on the couch, I fell in love with myself. No competition with anyone but the me in mirror yesterday. I learned to love the journey and never really cared about the destination. I always knew what I had to do but never had someone to walk beside me and help when the rocky treacherous part of the journey appeared and I would just slow down. Now I have someone to guide me and navigate. His support is unwavering and kind. He shows me that I must just breathe and keep going. We have become good friends. Not here for the exercise, nutrition( although I get fomo and and do it all) but for the constant support and motivation. He has shown me that it’s not about perfection but dusting yourself off when you fall and getting back up on the journey. That is the secret. It’s also about being kind to yourself and knowing what works and doesn’t. Always having options for snack attacks and never slowing down. I love JEFF, I am officially an addict. I do things in my space and time, even if it’s 10pm. I still keep going. I do things now like a 30 min run before test me Tuesday , because I’m up and don’t want to waste the time. I could never wake up to exercise willingly. I am a different person, a better one than yesterday, and I am proud of my journey thus far. Never looking back always forward …. It’s part of my lifestyle. I call it #jeffstyle! I am happy 😊🤗

Ricci Block