Follow this recipe for a light, fresh and delicious way to enjoy fish… so healthy!

Serves 1


◽Kingklip or any firm white fish
◽Rosa/cherry tomatoes
◽Fresh basil leaves
◽Low sodium salt
◽Olive oil
◽Fresh spinach
◽Paprika or fresh chopped chillis (optional)


◽ Soak your kebab sticks in olive oil to prevent burning while cooking
◽ Cut your kingklip (any firm white fish) portion into bite size chunks
◽ In a blender, whizz a handful of fresh basil leaves, lemon juice and a teaspoon of olive oil together till smooth
◽ Coat your fish pieces and sprinkle with a little low sodium salt
◽ Place the fish on the kebab, alternating with tomato in between
◽ Grill in oven, airfryer or braai till fish is cooked through!
◽ Serve with a fresh spinach salad! Sprinkle with paprika or fresh chopped chillis for a little heat. ⁠

Fresh for summer! ⁠

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