Life can be complicated enough, so let’s keep it simple with this easy curry recipe!

Serves 1


◻️Chicken (or other protein of choice)⁠
◻️Onion portion⁠
◻️1 cardamom stick⁠
◻️2 cinnamon sticks⁠
◻️1 teaspoon garlic paste⁠
◻️1 teaspoon chilli powder⁠
◻️1/4 teaspoon turmeric⁠
◻️1/2 teaspoon cumin powder⁠
◻️1 tomato cubed⁠
◻️Baby marrow cut into thick rounds⁠
◻️4 curry leaves⁠
◻️2 whole green or red chillies⁠


◻️Cube your chicken (protein portion) into thick pieces, marinate with spices.⁠
◻️Saute onions in a little olive oil and herbs.⁠
◻️Add spiced chicken to the above and allow to cook.⁠
◻️Add tomato, marrows, curry leaves and chillies. Allow to cook till done.⁠
◻️Garnish with chopped coriander!⁠

Double up for lunch and eat your portion the next day too. Uncomplicated curry, so you don’t need to hurry!

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