Success Story

Claire Carver, Cape Town

7-Week Kick-start Healthy Living Program


Weight lost


Clothing sizes down


Lost around the waist

After years of not putting myself first and letting my health and fitness run away from me, I decided that I needed to make a lifestyle change. 


I’m so glad I was introduced to the JEFF program as I needed help and guidance to get me on my way. My coach Dee was incredible, always giving me great advice, encouragement and support. She gave me the motivation and confidence that I need to obtain my goals. She was always available and went beyond my expectations. 


I walk away feeling great about my health and fitness. The training was incredibly challenging but so rewarding. I walk away with confidence and knowing that I will make better life choices. My foundation for healthy living has been laid and I can’t wait to see what the next few months hold. 


Thank you Dee and Team JEFF for making this possible!