Success Story

Heather Le Cordeur, Johannesburg

7-Week Kick-start Healthy Living Program


Weight lost


Clothing sizes down


Lost around the waist

We live a very busy lifestyle. Sometimes we forget about ourselves and put our jobs or families first.


Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you wake up and do something for yourself. I decided to join the JEFF program not only to lose weight but to change my lifestyle. 


Team JEFF has had a great impact on my life. I’ve changed my eating to a more clean, green and healthy plan. Starting the day right with various breakfast options, snacks and healthy lunch has set me on the right track. I’m part of the JEFF communication group and the great food ideas shared here have really helped me too.


Fitness is an aspect I just couldn’t find motivation for in the past but my Coach Janelle has really helped me to embrace daily exercise. 


Health-wise, my bone density has improved since last year, I’m definitely stronger and healthier in general. I’ve also come to realise that this is not a diet. It’s a change of life which I need to embrace because it works.