Success Story

Jenisha Naidoo, Pretoria

7-Week Kick-start Healthy Living Program


Weight lost


Clothing sizes down


Lost around the waist

I have always struggled with my weight, over the past few years I’ve tried numerous diets and training programs. Each attempt involved overtraining and restricted eating which yielded minimal results and was definitely not sustainable. At the beginning of 2019 I had knee surgery and that completely threw off any progress I had made. I was also left with no way forward in terms of fitness which by default resulted in poor eating and lifestyle choices.


I saw ads for the JEFF program on social media and signed up – I decided that I needed a push to make a long term change and signed up.


The training program is progressive and challenging, each week I get a new exercise routine for the following week. The eating plan is simple to follow and definitely sustainable. 


The biggest difference with the JEFF program is having a coach who is easily accessible. Coach Liz has been instrumental in my success with the JEFF program. She holds me accountable by requesting pics of every meal I eat, a check-in at the beginning of every gym session and a feedback video after each session. Coach Liz has supported me through the program by sharing motivational messages and videos, new recipes and exercise alternatives to accommodate my knee. Having your own support structure at the touch of your fingers has made a world of difference for me.


Weight loss was my motivation to join the program but I have also experienced so many other benefits;


  • I have increased energy levels
  • My emotional wellbeing has improved
  • I am stronger and fitter than before
  • I have a better relationship with food
  • I am able to motivate myself during training to push harder
  • I am equipped to make better choices for myself and I have developed good habits to help with that.


I have seen phenomenal results during my first 7 week program and hope to further my progress over the next 14 weeks.