Success Story

Keri Paddock, Cape Town

14-Week Master Healthy Habits Program


Weight lost


Clothing sizes down


Lost around the waist

I’m not sure what to call Johno because I didn’t know people like him could exist!

But here goes… he is the ultimate motivator, lifestyle coach, legend and friend who really cares about the individual and their mental, health and fitness goals. I literally cannot express enough how Johnno has changed my mindset, how I see myself and ultimately my life!

Carrying nearly 12kg of extra weight after the birth of my twins, he gave me the support and tools I needed to push myself, shift the excess weight, keep active and be more mindful of clean eating. Thank you for everything Johno and the Fitness Faculty Team – you have changed my life on so many levels! Because of your unwavering dedication and belief in a process that gets results I’m able to be a better mom to the twins, partner to my husband and a better human in general.