Success Story

Linda Cornwell, Cape Town

7-Week Kick-start Healthy Living Program

When I started my journey in October 2019 I was at a place where I lacked motivation. 

Ate anything I laid my eyes on. Drank wine daily. Felt terrible about myself and refused to look at myself in the mirror. I felt sloppy and overweight in everything I wore. Nothing fitted properly. 


I made the decision to join JEFF after speaking to Johno. He explained how the program worked and was extremely encouraging. It was just what I needed to hear. I then began to realize that this might be possible. The ball was now in my court. No more excuses, no more I can’ts or I will start tomorrow or next week. The time was now. I made a commitment to myself. 


I did the easy-to-follow workouts, ate the correct foods that were given in the meal plan. Checked in with my incredible coach Janelle daily. All of this would not have been possible without her. She motivated me, encouraged me, called me when I doubted myself, and reminded me to “Trust the Process” and never give up on myself. She also reminded me to be proud of myself even for the smallest of victories. Showing up at the gym was one of those victories, that in itself is half the battle won. 


After my first assessment the results spoke for themselves. I had lost centimeters and kilograms. So, I kept going and felt even more determined to complete the 7-week challenge. By the end of the 7 weeks I was down from 68.9kg’s to 61.4 kgs. That’s 7.5kg and 38 cm lost. 


I have learnt so much about nutrition and exercise. What foods make my body feel amazing, healthy and strong both physically and mentally. I continue to follow everything I have learnt in the 7 weeks and I’m already at my goal weight of 60kgs. 


To anyone out there who feels the way I did before joining JEFF, I would highly recommend this program. Don’t you owe it to yourself to feel like the best version of yourself? You won’t be sorry. I guarantee it.