Success Story

Tracey Jerome, Johannesburg

14-Week Gym-based Program


Weight lost


Clothing sizes down


Lost around the waist

I joined the JEFF program as a gift to myself. I needed to shift myself back to the person that I know I can physically and mentally be. My goal when I joined the program was to go down a few clothing sizes, but what I have achieved is far greater than anything I had imagined.


For some years prior to joining the program, I had several challenges in life that affected my wellbeing on so many levels. Sadly, as someone who was an emotional eater or a non-eater during this time, I started packing on the kilograms and things started snowballing out of control.


On a sunny morning In October I decided that I was going to change and get back to the person I know I can be: structured, disciplined and motivated. The JEFF Back on Track program certainly has all the elements that I require, it has helped me to kick start myself back into action. 


The program is easy to follow and the coaching team is excellent at supporting you, coach Liz is my legend – the one-on-one feedback and support is fantastic. With the program I have become disciplined in how I eat and exercise, I enjoy exercising again, my results speak for themselves, I feel fantastic, energised, determined and positive on all levels in life. 


I have had some challenges in my personal life during the program and I can safely say I have not gone back to my old ways. I am excited about my journey of getting healthier, fitter and  stronger. One of the best things about this program is it is sustainable – I can see myself maintaining this lifestyle into the future, but like all things you do in life what you put in is what you get out – that is one of the most important lessons the program has taught me.


I’ve still got some way to go, but I am better than I was yesterday.