Success Story

Zhavandre van der Merwe, Cape Town

14-Week Master Healthy Habits Program


Weight lost


Clothing sizes down


Lost around the waist

I joined JEFF about three weeks ago and I am absolutely loving the program! 

The reason I joined the program was because I really wanted to make a change in my life – one that allowed me to get back to being a healthy, fit and best version of me!

What I like most about the program is the diet. I am really not used to eating this many regular meals throughout the day so every meal feels like a “cheat” meal for me!  Love it so much – really easy to keep up with. Meal prepping on a Sunday means that I spend only 2 minutes during the week preparing for a meal in the microwave – this has worked out so well and has saved me so much time. I am loving every minute, waking up feeling fabulous every single morning!