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Back in lockdown we asked you to #GoSteadyWithJEFF so we could offer you live workouts every day. We all rallied together to create something incredibly special: a community of 75,000 people united in fitness.

Fast forward to today and we’re releasing a host of new features and asking you to #MoveInWithJEFF to our new home (the JEFF Web App!) to join the new-and-improved Club coaching experience.

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It’s as simple as choosing which membership option you want and using the discount code MoveIn when signing up!




Join JEFF Club for a world-class coaching experience and achieve the results you’ve always wanted. Get the accountability and motivation you need to exercise, eat well and thrive! It's worked for thousands, in 73 countries worldwide, it will work for you!


Advanced 1-1 Coaching


Advanced 1-1 Coaching offers the ultimate in daily dedicated coaching support for those harder-to-reach goals! We'll match a world-class Coach to you based on your specific preferences, goals and needs, and you'll receive unmatched daily 1-1 accountability, motivation and guidance!


 JEFF Club members achieve life-changing results 

If the incredible JEFFers pictured below can do it, we all can!