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Experience fitness like never before with 25% off your JEFF Club membership as a Discovery Vitality member. Your all-in-one membership designed to make wellness simple and achievable. Join JEFF and embrace a fitness journey that's inspiring, enjoyable, and tailored to your goals

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What you get with club

Take the guesswork out of staying healthy with our science-backed programs as your roadmap.

Tailored Workouts

Say goodbye to confusion and hello to effective fitness. Access easy-to-follow workouts and personalized exercise plans that fit seamlessly into your routine, ensuring you stay on track without the guesswork.

50+ Goal Based Programs to follow
Library of on-demand exercise sessions & video classes
Exercise guides to perfect your form and get the most out of every movement

Wholesome Family-Friendly Recipes

Nourish yourself and your loved ones with our delightful, family-friendly recipes. Eating well has never been this delicious or uncomplicated. Discover a world of flavors that support your wellness goals.

Library of recipes for all dietary preferences
Seasonal menus with weekly shopping lists
Library of educational videos, courses and articles to understand how to nourish your body

Tools for Progress Tracking

Witness your transformation unfold with our progress-tracking tools. Track your fitness journey, monitor achievements, and celebrate milestones. Seeing your progress has never been this motivating!

Log your daily meals with the Food Diary to get weekly and monthly insights into your eating habits
Log your daily activity to track your fitness progress and stay accountable to reach your goals
Track your hydration, sleep & mood to map out your habits

Community Support

Join a community that celebrates your wins, shares your struggles, and propels you forward. Connect with like-minded individuals, share insights, and celebrate the joy of reaching your health and fitness goals together.

Browse and engage with special interest groups to find like-minded individuals to connect with
Get inspiration, motivation and accountability from the incredible JEFF community

The best fitness option around!

The training helps you reach your goals and the support keeps you accountable. There is such a wide variety of workouts available, not only monthly but daily! I highly recommend that everyone signs up for JEFF Club and gets involved. It really is so affordable and a pandoras box of exercise!

Amy Baxter
JEFF Club Member

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