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We believe in the power of personalized guidance on your journey to wellness. With our 1-on-1 Coaching, unlock exclusive access to an expert Coach committed to helping you lead a healthier, happier life.

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What you get with coaching

Have a coach in your corner to help guide you to health.

Expert Guidance

Experience unparalleled daily support from a professional Coach holding extensive credentials and years of proven experience. Your coach becomes your ally, offering tailored guidance to transform your habits and lifestyle.

Detailed Feedback on workouts & meals
Guidance on injury prevention and exercise modifications
Motivation to achieve your milestones

Personalised Support

With a recommended exercise plan, goal-based nutrition guide and real-time feedback, your coach is there to help you fit health into your life.

Recommended Exercise Plan for your body
Nutrition Guide tailored to your individual goals and tastes.
Real-time feedback on your meals, receive personalized feedback on your plate, and gain insights on optimizing your diet.
Get daily boosts and insider tips from your Coach, keeping you on track and crushing milestones

Tools for Progress Tracking

Witness your transformation unfold with our progress-tracking tools. Track your fitness journey, monitor achievements, and celebrate milestones. Seeing your progress has never been this motivating!

Log your daily meals with the Food Diary to get weekly and monthly insights into your eating habits
Log your daily activity to track your fitness progress and stay accountable to reach your goals
Track your hydration, sleep & mood to map out your habits

Community Support

Join a community that celebrates your wins, shares your struggles, and propels you forward. Connect with like-minded individuals, share insights, and celebrate the joy of reaching your health and fitness goals together.

Browse and engage with special interest groups to find like-minded individuals to connect with
Get inspiration, motivation and accountability from the incredible JEFF community

Choose YOU

Choosing to be part of the 1-on-1 Coaching Program with JEFF, is really choosing ME. And making a commitment to myself and my health. The support and motivation I get from my coach, the meal plans, exercise programs, the community and check ins have all helped me in my journey. And this is a journey, a marathon, a long time life change. NOT sprint, not a diet or fad culture. It is about education and empowerment and longevity and sustainable choices to help me long term. I have loved this path so much, and having the right support with me has made all the difference!

Anadine Klaasen
Coaching Client

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