Low Impact Bootcamp

Join Dom for the next 6 weeks on a resistance program like no other! Whether you're gearing up for a wedding or simply want to get stronger and build lean muscle without putting strain on your joints, this program is perfect for you.

8th July to 18th August | R500 with JEFF Club

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Feel more confident and powerful in just six weeks

What's Included

3 Structured Workouts Weekly

Build strength and lean muscle with low-impact, resistance-based workouts.

Six Week Activity Plan

Have a plan for everyday and enhance your fitness with Dom’s recommended cardio activities.

Nutrition Tips & Recipes

Fuel your fitness with Dom's top nutrition advice and easy recipes to follow.

Special Wedding Guests

Enjoy surprise appearances from the wedding party for added fun and motivation.

Why Join?

Expert Guidance: Get professional support and motivational coaching from Dom.
Holistic Approach: Combine resistance training, cardio, and nutrition for comprehensive fitness.
Community Support: Join a community of like-minded individuals on the same journey.
Achieve Your Goals: Feel more confident, stronger, and healthier in just six weeks.

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Don't just take our word for it

Hear from our members who have transformed their lives with JEFF
"I’ve learnt so much about nutrition and exercise during my time on the one on one program. When I started JEFF my intention was to lose weight and get fit and into shape. But I have gained far more than that. I’m happy, energetic, confident and enthusiastic about life and I feel like I have found myself again!"
1-on-1 Coaching Client
"Working with Coach Shaun has completely transformed my life. In just a few months, I've lost weight, gained muscle, and significantly improved my overall fitness. I now have the knowledge and tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle for years to come. Thank you for changing my life!"
1-on-1 Coaching Client
"Having the support and extra level of accountability of a coach while on the 1 on 1 program has allowed me to reach my goal of healthy mind and body. The lifestyle change has allowed me to loose the weight I so desperately needed and can fit into a size 10 for the first time in at least 15 years."
1-on-1 Coaching Client


What equipment do I need?
What fitness level is this challenge suitable for?
Can I do the cardio activities at home?
Will there be support if I have questions during the challenge?
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