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Based out of South Africa, we offer health and fitness clubs geographic exclusivity and work with you to implement your digital strategy. Centered around your own custom native app, we offer high quality, low cost digital services with a rapid time to market.

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Challenges facing Health Clubs

Solving membership attrition & retention

How does one extend the lifespan of memberships? How does one keep them engaged and returning to your health club?

Improving member onboarding, helping them feel supported

How does one improve the member onboarding process to support them better and help them get started?

Offering Added Value to Members

How does one add more value to members? How does one engage members while they are not in the club?

Improving member Communication

How does one meaningfully connect with members, helping them feel supported and letting them self-service where possible?

Introducing Virtual Touch Points & Platforms

How does one navigate the complex hybrid physical & digital world of today?

Offering a Unique & Low-Cost Solution

How does one compete with the “number one” in the market and offer technology that is unique and not a cookie-cutter off-the-shelf solution?

The Solution

Your own, uniquely designed, customer facing native app, leveraging cutting edge JEFF technology, our people & content. You get years worth of JEFF insights and technology, integrated with your brand, IP & ideas at a fraction of what it should cost.

Content Library

Exercise programs, classes, nutrition, community, rewards, tracking, push notifications & more

Fast & Cost Effective

Short delivery timeline at low cost, by leveraging existing IP and technology

Advanced Dashboard

Feature rich administration system with communication tools, management capabilities & reporting

Seamless Integration

Integration with your current systems, including member records & access logs


Ownership of the entire tech stack, including the native app, application server & data

Advanced Support

AI powered coaching and personal coaching, delivered by industry experts

Exclusive Area

Geographical exclusivity; we select and work with only one health club per region


Built with the latest technology, hosted in the Cloud and able to scale


Success Story

Planet Fitness is one of the biggest health clubs in South Africa and partnered with JEFF to realise their digital vision.

“Our journey with JEFF in building a custom app for Planet Fitness was nothing short of exceptional. Their unwavering attention to detail and evident passion set them apart in the industry. What struck me most was their commitment — they approached our project as if it was their own, moving beyond the traditional boundaries of a service provider. Their team is not only skilled but also kind, friendly, and incredibly professional. I wholeheartedly recommend JEFF to anyone seeking a dedicated partner in their tech endeavors.”

- Domenico Cosentino, CXO at Planet Fitness ZA

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