JEFF Celebration Run for Her

August 31, 2020
2 Minutes

The JEFF Celebration Run for Her on August 22nd, 2020, was a monumental event that brought together thousands of participants virtually to honor the strength and bravery of women across South Africa. As we reflect on this inspiring occasion, let's take a moment to celebrate the highlights and achievements of this remarkable event.

A Tribute to Remarkable Women:

On August 9th, 1956, over 20,000 South African women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria, a historic moment that symbolizes the resilience and courage of women in our nation. In honor of this milestone, participants in the JEFF Celebration Run dedicated their run to a woman who inspires them, acknowledging the incredible contributions of female figures in our lives.

Live Commentary with Seri Harris & Juls Meintjes:

The morning of the run was filled with excitement as participants tuned in to live commentary with the legendary Seri Harris and Juls Meintjes. With their infectious energy and inspiring words, Seri and Juls got everyone geared up for the run, while also paying tribute to the phenomenal women who have made a difference in our lives.

Prizes Galore:

The JEFF Celebration Run for Her was not only a platform for honoring women but also an opportunity to have fun and win exciting prizes. Participants competed for coveted awards such as the Longest Distance, Best Outfit, Most Creative Route, and Scratch Card Spot Prizes. The spirit of camaraderie and competition was palpable as runners pushed themselves to achieve their personal bests.

A Community United:

One of the most heartwarming aspects of the event was seeing the JEFF community come together in solidarity and support. Participants from all walks of life joined forces, united by a common goal to celebrate and uplift the women who inspire us every day.Looking Ahead:As we reflect on the success of the JEFF Celebration Run for Her, we're filled with gratitude for everyone who participated and made this event possible. While the run may be over, let's carry forward the spirit of celebration and empowerment as we continue to champion the incredible women in our lives.Thank you to everyone who joined us for the JEFF Celebration Run for Her. Your enthusiasm, dedication, and passion are a testament to the power of unity and solidarity. Until next time, keep running, keep celebrating, and keep honoring the remarkable women who shape our world.

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