About Me

Coach Lucy grew up in the UK and holds a degree in psychology, is a qualified fitness instructor and licensed EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) trainer.

Prior to meeting her partner, moving to South Africa and having 3 boys, Coach Lucy led international Charity Challenge expeditions. These expeditions included leading group hikes around the globe, including the Great Wall of China, Kilimanjaro, The Grand Canyon and Annapurna, as well as cycling from Vietnam to Cambodia. Joining people on their challenges, helping them overcome their individual barriers, gain strength and achieve their goals was a life-changing experience that led her to uncovering her love for coaching.

She is passionate about helping her clients find their inner and outer strength and seeing the positive impact that it has on their lives and those around them.


✓ Sports Conditioning

✓ Weight Management

✓ Strength

✓ Fitness & Nutrition

✓ HIIT Training

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