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Meet Coach Shaun: a former rugby player and coach, certified personal trainer, and lover of all things fitness. After achieving qualifications in sports management and fitness respectively, Shaun wasted no time to begin his own fitness journey culminating in an incredible career of nearly 15 years.

Being raised on the sunny shores of Durban, Coach Shaun never found it difficult to be outside and active. When he completed his schooling years he was certain he would pursue a career that allowed him to instil this kind of passion in others, and guide them toward reaching their goals and dreams that they may have previously thought impossible.

Outside of the fitness world, Shaun is usually found at home with a fire on the go, sports playing in the background, surrounded by his beloved Jenna and his 4 dogs.


✓ Sports Conditioning

✓ Weight Management

✓ Strength

✓ Fitness & Nutrition

✓ HIIT Training

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