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Coach Toni is an easy-going, personable, ‘always look on the bright side’ kind of girl. Evidenced by her PhD in Human Physiology and years of industry experience in dietary supplements, she has had a lifelong interest in human health. Coach Toni is deeply fascinated by how all bodily systems work in unison, which is why she understands the importance of having a solid physical, mental and nutritional foundation.

Coach Toni is a passionate foodie who loves to cook up wholesome meals and teach others to be creative in the kitchen. She is a firm believer that we should eat the colours of the rainbow at every meal to nourish and feed our physiology.

Having experienced the commitment and perseverance that it takes to push through an exercise program, and personally used exercise to overcome life’s battles, Coach Toni uses her own journey to motivate and support others. Her empathetic, gentle nature allows others to open up to her.

In her spare time, she surfs, walks her fur-baby in the mountains, plays guitar, and experiments with food – her kitchen and the outdoors make her heart the happiest.


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