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"It's taken me 3 years to love my body ever since I became a mom. For me the battle has been hugely psychological and seeing my body transform is humbling and inspiring. I can't wait for the next challenge. This is exactly what I needed. I was in an amazing team called #forfitsake and the accountability and support we showed each other was so awesome. The set meal plan is really great for people who always complain about not knowing where to start and the recipes are super delicious and so easy to make. I'm super in love with the sweet potato rostis. If you're sitting on the fence and unsure, just do it!"

- Candice Mncwabe

Here is what our fellow JEFF Challenge participants have to say

Lauren Ploos


“I went in thinking about the exercise, but actually what I learnt about the nutrition was incredible. It was life changing and I hope even post the 21 days I am going to take some of those learnings into my everyday life. I had an incredible accountability team that really kept us going…The level of support was fantastic."

- Lauren

Suzanne McRobert


“This was something completely new to me. I have never done anything like this. I have done stretching but nothing that gets me to sit me down and be quiet. I found it really challenging because I’m always on the go. I had been doing some of Kathleen’s classes and I enjoyed her approach to it. When she said it’s time to take time for yourself, I thought that was a really good idea. My biggest challenge was the journaling - however it was very necessary for me. It was only 21 days and before I knew it, it was finished. It helped me get into a good routine and look after myself. And above all that, I loved my accountability group - they kept me motivated and inspired."

- Suzanne

Megan van der Hoven


“This is the whole package! It’s just 21 days, just do it! I am learning not to compare and focus on my own work rate and how you can do more and you can work harder. My focus was training but I learned that the training needs to be paired with the eating program - you can't do one without the other. My goal is 10% more every week, so how can I do a bit more every week. I'm so ready for the next challenge! The camaraderie within my group was incredible. I'll say it again - it's the WHOLE package."

- Megan

Carike Botha


“You wouldn't think that a yoga challenge would challenge you as much but it really does! Making time for yourself is challenging. It helps to slow you down and make that time for yourself, be more present and become more aware of who you are, what you need to do and the choices you need to make! Our accountability group was spectacular!"

- Carike

Debby Booysen


“21 days, 2 kgs and a lot of cms- what an amazing challenge with Juls and the gals! Feeling so much healthier, stronger and fitter. So glad I joined the Juls Meintjes - Jeff family! Onwards and upwards."

- Debby

Jolene Venter


“This was definitely a mental challenge as much as a physical one! #ChallengeAccepted I can do more than what I ever would have imagined I could do. Having such strong women back me everyday, Dirkie Chamberlain & Amy Wilson Hardy I am going to miss the laughs and the sweat!! What a team, and to my #Drab2Ab team, you ladies are strong and beautiful! Thanks for keeping me driven throughout! Forever grateful that we were such a perfect match! I can’t believe what I can do now, what I can accomplish and this will keep me motivated to achieve what I never thought was possible! I am stronger than what I think!"

- Jolene

Dee Volkwyn


“This last 21 days on Johno's 21-Day Fitness Challenge has been such a mind-blowing, life changing experience. It is definitely a lifestyle change and it was such fun doing it. I learnt not to be afraid to eat but to be mindful what I eat. I learnt carbs isn't the enemy but can actually be a friend when you need the energy. I cut sugar out completely which I though was impossible with my life-long addiction to sugar. I went from craving sugary sweets and chocolates almost every day to not having any cravings for sweet things at all. As I progressed in the challenge I could feel my body change, I could feel myself get stronger and do more... so much more than I could before. 💪🏾 I felt and saw the shape of my body change. The harder Johno Meintjes pushed the more I could do. This has been a goal that I am proud to say I reached, above and beyond my expectations. I lost so much but gained more in inspiration and motivation: Weight-4kg Chest-2.5cm Waist-6.6cm Hips-4.5cm Quads-3.6cm. My Victorious Valkyries team well done on your achievements and don't ever stop who you are. We are far from done!!🤩🤩 #challengecompleted #21daychallengecompleted"

- Dee

Vandi Nel


“This is so out of my comfort zone
But...the results are amazing. Before, I could not bear to wear my tights on my hips because of the protruding love handles and mummy tummy. I have lost 4cm alone over my hips and 3.5 over my middle - a total loss of 13cm. I never thought that with good nutrition and portion sizes, it could make such a difference to my body. And finally the spell of bed time snacking has been broken. I'm eating breakfast every morning and listening to my hunger and fueling with good food! This is not the end...more goals set to achieve! Simply loved this challenge!"

- Vandi

Martina de Jager


“I was in such a cool space! The yoga challenge was a challenge, it taught me so many things. With accountability groups, you can get it done, and remember your "why", why you signed up for this in the first place. We have a responsibility to ourselves and this challenge taught me this."

- Martina

Nyawa Rose Madavha


“It's been a wonderful journey of strength training. I started with strength training on the 15 February with Seri & Jay's 21-Day Strength Challenge. It was not easy at all. I had told myself that when 21 days is over, I need a rest a bit because I was really exhausted in a last week of challenge. We convinced each other in my accountability group to go for a 2nd round of strength training. That's when we joined Dirkie Chamberlain and Amy Wilson Hardy for Dirkie and Amy’s 21-Day Strength Challenge. I had doubts whether I would survive the next 21 days of strength training. Having an accountability Whatsapp group helped me a lot. When I was about to start, one of my team members was done with her session. She was our early bird in the group. How can you not exercise when one of your team mates was already done with the session? When some of us are still exercising she would be eating her breakfast. All thanks to my accountability group buddies. Thanks Seri, Dirkie and Amy. And to Adrian thank you for all the meal plans you prepared for us. They were lovely. Thank you to my skeem Khanyisa Stengile, Channelle Makhele, and Lindi Era Nkutha who convinced me to join. I had doubts in the beginning. Thank you to Johno Meintjes - keep on coming with these challenges. You and your team, you are changing people's lives. Till the next challenge. Day 42 of strength challenge ✔"

- Nyawa

Andy Smit


“I joined this challenge for an improvement in my strength, and also because I had FOMO seeing how much fun everyone was having on these challenges! I have had amazing, amazing, amazing results. I’ve just loved it and it made me more of who I wanted to be. I recommend this challenge to everyone!"

- Andy

Jaco Stofberg


“It was a great challenge. I lost 5.1 kg. Highly recommend, especially to men! It was really appealing to me! The three components that work and give structure is the meal plan, the exercise plan and with the accountability groups which pull you through.”

- Jaco

Alex Moors


“This was so difficult but so great! Before this challenge, I had been doing all of Kathleen’s yoga sessions. I love them and they are so good for me. They work wonders on my body. I went into this challenge with a positive mindset and it took me way out of my comfort zone having to journal everyday. Those reflection questions were a real eye-opener, they made me think a lot and ponder things. The meditations were awesome and the sessions were great. I loved the Eds - Kathleen is amazing. This challenge is the best thing I’ve done for myself.”

- Alex

What our clients have to say

"Being a member of this LEGENDARY community has changed my life! The value for money I get for this is unparalleled!"

- Kim Ketley


"JEFF has helped me in so many ways , I believe in myself more and what I'm actually capable of doing . 🌟🌟 I have loved Dirkie and Amy sessions, They are 2 awesome ladies , their sense of humor, words of motivation and encouragement. Thank you Girl's 👍💪🌟❤"

- Lauren McKay-Kelaris


"I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 21 days. I have learned so much about myself, my ability to take time away from daily chaos and how important slowing down a bit is in the pursuit of creating a better you. I highly recommend the 21-Day Yoga Challenge. Answer those questions about yourself you tend to avoid. You'll be surprised how a little introspection can guide you in fortifying your personal goals and objectives. Thank you Kathleen Booyse Yoga for your guidance along the way."

- Hayley-May Wittridge