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1 on 1

Very supportive . Enjoying every minute of it . Thank you

happy client

fantastic results
great program
awesome coach

Best Socks EVER

These are literally the beat socks ever!

So comfy and love the colours. Also helps that people notice you are a JEFFER when you are out and about 🙌🏻

Sad, but knowing JEFF....

I was about to take the plunge and get myself one of these babies. And then they were discontinued. But I know JEFF. They’re making space for something epic I’m sure ☺️

All the gym you could want on your phone!

So many options and always growing and improving the their offering. Loving JEFF!

One on One Weekly - when you still have one training wheels

After 4 months of the full in one on one programme I thought I was at the stage where I needed to try and go it in my own, but I wasn’t quite ready! Enter One in One weekly. Like when your parents take one training wheel off your bike!! It is the bomb! I have the freedom to be independent, but log and track and have a weekly check in with my amazing coach! All part the the valuable weaning process. I love it, and so will you! The whole process has changed my life. Go and do it!


Gorgeous cap

I saw someone in my area wearing a Jeff cap! Today I order mine

Flipping the switch

I finally invested in my self and it was worth every penny. Mentally this program helped me overcome so many obstacles. I learned so much about nutrition. My eating habits was terrible and I was always low on energy, trying to keep up with coffee and chocolates. I used to drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day. I am now down to one cup a day. I have tons of energy. The meals are do-able and delicious. Loving the exercises. By week 3 I couldn't believe how strong I got. Where I could only do 14 squats in a rep I can now do 24.
Coach Lucy's got an incredible gift for encouraging and motivating. Whenever I got to a mental block, she said just the right thing and gave the best advice. She is kind and I respond well to kindness.
Overall I have learned and gained so much out of this program. I learned self-discpline, how good it feels to eat healthy. My mind is stronger and my body is transforming.
I have a new fitness community.
Becoming the best version of myself.
Thank you Jeff team!

Loved It

This is the 2nd time I joined the 1on1 program and I have loved the coaching experience. I haven't reached my goals but my coach has been great at keeping me motivated and formulating a new plan.

Wonderful start

Have a far greater understanding of meals , planning ahead and portion size through help and guidance from a great coach !


Haven't had this much fun exercising ever! And the community support is phenomenal! Its a life changing life style!

Inspiring, authentic and uplifting . This has been phenomenal to kickstart my healthy journey. I am going into JEFF Together purely due to financial constraints after this month. Greg has made me believe in myself because he believed in me.


Love this program, its my Prozac

Exceeded expectations

Sceptical at first - now convinced. Started in January and it's been such a godsend. Good distraction to have during these weird times... I am focused on exercising and changing my eating habtis. Feeling great! And such a motivating coach. Do not regret this one bit (unlike most gym memberships in the past).

Brett Perlstein

Great program - Ryan is a legend

Trust the process!

I decided to sign up to the 1on1 program as I needed to put myself first for a change (#momgoals). This has been the most exciting month of my life seeing the transformation of my body. I feel motivated and can see my fitness and health improving everyday and I owe it all to the JEFF program and Coach Jethro. Trust the process and you’ll be amazed with the results.

1-on-1 Personal coaching

I am only 3 weeks in but I can absolutely see a difference. This is a lifestyle and not a diet. I am not depriving myself of anything. The workouts are fabulous!!!

Life Changing

My weight has yo-yo’ed for most of my life, and been in and out of fitness programmes, and in all honesty can say that this has been the best thing that has happened! Having a 1:1 coach makes you accountable, and guides you through daily!
I can already feel this is a lifestyle change, it’s sustainable, and look forward to my journey with Coach Liz(who is just divine) and JEFF.

JEFF Quality Cap

I though it was a bit steep for a cap, but when it arrived; I could see and feel the quality. The fastening strap is leather as well. GREAT PRODUCT

Would really appreciate recipes in the library being in alphabetical order! Possible?
Or under categories like breakfast, light meals, mains, snacks or something like that ...

Very nice, cheap and all the Jeff goodies available

I love the vitality membership... I still have access to most of the things that I had during my 1-on-1, so definitely worth it for the price! It keeps me accountable to have access to the app and logging my workout. The only reason I don't have 5 stars for it, is the link with Vitality to get the 50 points per workout... not working so well!
thank you

I love JEFF

JEFF has changed my life!!! My exercise regime was very limited - now I look forward to the classes and am a regular! I love the LIT classes ! Thank you to all at JEFF! You are amazing!

Amazing support and motivation

My first month on Jeff 1-on-1 has been amazing. The motivation and support I have received from coach Heather was amazing. She was is so understanding while at the same time trying to push and motivate me to be even better, but also to be kind to myself. The accountability factor on the 1-on-1 coaching makes a big difference! Would highly recommend it!

Absolutely fantastic program

Coach Toni is so great