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Week 1 done👊🏽

Good start with Coach Adi ! Keeping me focused and making time to exercise. Feeling great and motivated for the weeks to come.

21-Day Challenge Pass

An Essential

The 21day challenge with Juls Meintjies was awesome, she motivated & inspired you all the way.

Loved it

I loved the acountability groups and the supportive interaction. The recipes are great. Thanks a mill 👌🏻

Loving It!!

Into month 2 of my 1-on1 and absolutely loving it! Feeling better than ever. Lost 3kkgs and 8cm's after my first month! Thanks Ru!!

Best ever

Loving the Table Mountain Challenge, such a privilege to be led by Johno and team. Getting stronger and fitter with each passing week. Have an incredible sense of accomplishment being able to push the boundaries and achieving those goals-


Loving my one on one program with coach Hailey. First week was adjusting and now getting into it


The best R200/150 investment thus far. This group keeps me motivated. Love the family and community angle.

I did not buy this from you???

I did not buy this from you???

Jeff life

Absolutely love Jeff life!! There is a massive variety of exercise classes to choose from but not just that the exercises are modified to fit everyone’s fitness levels. The Jeff team keeps things interesting with our fun themed Saturday classes and there is always loads of goodies up for grabs 😃 Jeff community is so awesome I couldn’t be happier that I signed up to be a Jeff legend! Onwards and upwards to a healthier happier me!

Challenges are winners

The 21 day fitness challenged pushed my limits. Lost 10 cm and almoat 4 kg. Due to an injury i cpuld not complete the Learn to run challenge but stayed with the accpuntability group. Great way to keep going

Great challenge - feeling stronger for it!

I really enjoyed the strength challenge and I feel stronger for it. Great energy from Amy & Dirkie - they feed off of each other.

21 Day Challenge

I've just completed the 21 Day Strength Challenge. It was such a fab experience. My accountability group #Drab2Ab was so incredibly supportive. I've made new friends. And Dirkie and Amy were fabulous. They were fun, motivational, and such amazing mentors for the challenge. So I had to sign up for another one! And I've talked a few friends into signing up for one too!

Jeff Life

So far I’m very happy with my membership. I love the fact that there are different classes every day to suit everyone

1 on 1

Excellent , every aspect of the programme is perfect. It works for sure. Loved it!!

The results are incredible

I love your challenges and the variety is great, truly something for everyone. And the results in just 21 days are amazing. You learn so much with every challenge and its so easy to apply the JEFF teachings to every day life. I cannot wait to get into the next one.

21-day Eat your way lean challenge with Adrian

I thrived on this challenge! I lost 6kg's and my clothes are a lot looser on me. It has completely changed the way I cook for my family. Thank you Adrian - I loved most of the recipes.

Amazing Community

It took me ages to sign up, I was sitting on the fence for months. After joining the daily live workouts on JEFF together for a month, I decided to commit to JEFF Life. I am absolutely loving the variety of classes, the weekly meal plans, amazing recipes and the super supportive community. Best decision I have made in my fitness journey.

Running challenge

My main aim was to enjoy running! This challenge did this! I love to run and feel so much stronger when I run. The recorded running made it so much fun and gave so much insight on breathing and posture. Thanks coach Sakkie and Johno for an amazing running challenge.

Vitality x JEFF

Great to be a Discovery Vitality member and to have it recognized on JEFF's platform. Signing up is so easy and effortless plus you earn 50 points a day for logging a workout on the app.

21 Yoga & Meditation with Kathleen

I accepted this challenge at a time when I was feeling quite overwhelmed and burnt out with daily life and routine. Not only did this period encourage me to slow down and take the time to look inwards, but it gave me the space to think, journal, really connect with my accountability group and most importantly.. myself. I found the guided meditations were a great tool for introspection and the printable journal was delightful. I am so grateful that I took the time to slow down. THANK YOU KATHLEEN for all of your wisdom and insight.

Nutri goal

I really loved the nutritional challenge and are still applying it as I can’t exercise for the moment and my weight stays stable for now 😊

Dom's 21 Day Pilates & Core Challenge
Was my first challenge ever and enjoyed it very much...I challenge anyone out there who thinks Pilates is easy to do this challenge!!! The 45 minute classes is killers,but those 15 minute boosters in a class of their own...I gained a lot of strength in my core and highly recommend this challenge!!!

Jeff Life review

I really believe you mean a lot to thousands of people who joined your platform under these strange circumstances. For me personally you stand for community, fun, never a dull moment and changing people’s lives physically and mentally for the better and mostly for the long term

Best Challenge ever for me

I have been running for 10 years already but never had proper coaching. So when the first 21 Day Running challenge was launched I decided to try it. I absolutely loved it. The prehab exercises were also completely new to me and I could feel how activating the right muscles just made me a stronger runner. As a seasoned runner I have learned far more than I ever expected. I took a whopping 3 minutes off my 5k time! I am absolutely thrilled by the results and it motivated me to sign up for the 1:1 running program with Coach Sakkie. This challenge is suitable for first time runners as well. No experience need in running. So no matter your level of running, you can only reap huge benefits from this challenge. Go for it!