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1-on-1 Grad Program
Debbie Barrie

I had a wonderful time on the grad program. It was great to test out the knowledge and habits I had learnt on the 1-on-1 program whilst still having the accountability. It allowed me to achieve amazing results.

1 on 1 excellence

Had (and still having) the most incredible experience on this journey !! I have the most amazing and supportive coach 💕

1-on-1 Grad Program

The 1-on-1 Grad programme works really well as a stepping stone to developing independence from the 1-on-1 programme and one's coach. You get put into a small support group with five other grads and you are accountable to them. You still get your daily exercise programme and nutrition guide, but you only meet with your coach once a week. The Grad programme helped me to get confidence in my own ability to still keep achieving my goals. I am finding it very valuable as I progress from the daily support of the 1-on-1 programme.


I had Covid 2 months back so haven’t been doing much exercise. Starting slowly again with beginners and yoga classes again. It’s good to be back!

Big 5 Challenge - awesome

I’m on the 1-on-1 and was a little concerned about the extra time I would need if I joined the challenge but following a chat with Coach Edgar I took the opportunity and joined.
Absolutely loved the full 5 weeks with the Big 5 - additional exercises, the education sessions spanning across important topics, the safaris getting to know the coaches, the cookalongs, the Friday stretch sessions, the chats and support from the coaches, the team sharing and daily support and the broader teams community! The fun! Absolutely awesome. Thank you.

One of the great benefits is if you cannot make live sessions you can juggle and do them later in the day.

Have just joined my next challenge while continuing on my 1-on-1. Looking forward to it.

BIG 5 Challenge

Absolutely loved this challenge. Loved earning the badges each week and loved getting to the know coaches on the Thursday night game drives.

1-on-1 Personal Coaching

Got me back on track and focused
Keeps pushing me
Love it!


This program is outstanding. It’s personal encouragement and motivation. The eating plans are flexible and it doesn’t feeling like you are starving yourself. Brilliant!

Jeff life is the life to choose

best investment I’ve ever made. 😊


Helping maintain fitness during Lockdown Level 4.


Loved every second

1 On 1 Program

My only regret with this program is that I never did it sooner! I love my coach she is very knowledgeable, a great support system and holds me accountable. Highly recommend the 1 on 1 programme!

1-on-1 Grad Program
Lisa Burrow
1 on 1

Coach Greg made me feel like I could conquer anything. I did. Lost 19kg in 7 months, fitter than I have ever been. Just been awesome.


JEFF has fantastic trainers and I absolutely love the workouts because they always different so I never get bored. But for me JEFF isn't just about fitness, it's more holistic than that and has endless resources covering recipes, nutrition, mindfulness and much more. You can immerse yourself as much or as little as you like but right now in a time when connections are far and few between I love my online sessions with JEFF's ever growing community.

A necessary step in the right direction

Have loved my one-on-one journey. The Jeff team will keep you accountable and motivated in the most positive way!

21-Day Challenge Pass

JEFF Life for Vitality Members

Bridget van Eck
Jeff changed my life

JEFF is the reason I am able to be my best self!
Trust the process, be the best you can be. Be real, reach out for support.
Thanks you for reminding me I deserve to put myself first, to take time out for me, to eat better. So I can be a better person for my family.
Thank you Coach Bronwyn for helping me reach my goal!

Elzeli Krause

Love it!

Grad program

Coach Dayne persuaded me to move on to this programme after the 1 to 1 programme. Excellent idea as it helped me stay motivated and to continue getting stronger. The continued contact with the coach is a plus.

Absolutely love Jeff!

Janice Scheepers
Value for Money

I have been a JEFF member since inception in the UK which was November 2020. It is truly worth every cent, love the vibe, the workouts and the nutrition truly is a Proudly SA Company.

Heather Step
Good variety and vibe

I'm enjoying it. I especially like the variety of workouts. I like the instructors - I like the general vibe.

1-on-1 Grad Program
Heidi Rogers
5 Stars

Loving it. thanks. Melissa is so caring and inspiring. She always knows when to come in and help.. just when I need some support.

1-on-1 Personal Coaching Program

Excellent programme! Excellent coaches (esp Greg!), great support and awesome workouts. I would DEFINITELY recommend Jeff Fitness :)