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Awesome Challenge - Fiercely Feminine Challenge

This is an awesome challenge for the ladies. Lots of informative Eds which I thoroughly enjoyed. Will definitely do this challenge again!

Had so much fun doing the iToo 21Day Spring into Shape challenge
The exercise sessions, even the sit-ups were a blast, and Loved the meals, even got my husband too eat them without to much trouble
Prompted me to join JEFF - loving it should have done this sooner

Fiercely Feminine 1 on 1 challenge

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I had the best time. The relationships, wow, I have friends for life! I took in so much during the 5 weeks. I grew stronger and became the fierce woman I was meant to be! I am so grateful and would highly recommend this challenge and wouldnt mind doing it again xoxoxox

45-Day Challenge Pass
Nikki Veenstra
Seri and Becs 45-Day Challenge

This challenge was the best so far... I think I say that after every challenge. Just shows that JEFF is always innovating, always stepping up their game. This 45-day challenge was amazing as you saw vulnerability, strength (mental, emotional and physical), openness, rawness, and just everyone being real. This challenge helped me with some introspection (which I do not do at all) and I am still working on being vulnerable, but this challenge opened up that door for me which is a huge success for me. The fact that I lost 3kgs and over 25cm was a bonus!!! Cant wait to do my next challenge.

5 Jeff Stars

I am so happy for being introduced to Jeff. What an amazing community. Any workout you can think of, its there. If like me, you lack in balancing nutrition and exercising to reach your goal, the coaches are at your fingertips to give you advice. I LOVE JEFF!

JEFF Life for Vitality Members
Chantelle Ross
Jeff is Life!

Best lifestyle and wellness platform on the market. Life changing stuff

Forever Fierce

Insanely awesome 5 weeks! Loved every bit!

Bravely Fiercely Feminine

I was only 6 weeks into my JEFF 1-on-1 journey when this challenge popped up. I was nervous to commit to it, and wondered if I would cope with the workouts. I thought it might just be all too much for me early on in the process.

However, a few ladies from Lizzy’s Bomb Squad encouraged me, and so did my lovely coach, Liz Naude.

I couldn’t be more pleased that I joined “last” because this challenge was a fantastic experience, and I loved it. I coped with all the workouts, I enjoyed being challenged. The support from our wonderful Accountability Group was next level, new friendships were forged, and we’ve stuck together. The Eds were brilliant, I learnt so much about being a women. The topics ranged from fun to serious, and what wonderful guests! The nutrition plan was a continuation of my 1-on-1, so that was quite straight forward. And the prizes are out of this world!!

I was thrilled to see the changes in 35 days, and lost almost 4kg and 13cm, and more importantly, my mind is so much stronger. What could be better as Spring approaches!!

And last but not least - Juls Meintjies - a massive thank you for all the effort that you put into this challenge and all the challenges. You are a rock star! Your sense of humour, enthusiasm and positivity was contagious, and your vulnerability and honesty in our chats was heart-warming and encouraging. I had a blast - can’t wait for the next one!!!!


Nice to have seen all participate in the challenge all over South Africa

Girl power!

I enjoyed the Ed sessions and the extra workouts! Juls is so enthusiastic in everything she does that it makes you excited to join in and watch/listen. Would have loved the stretch sessions to be different each week and maybe an extra workout on the weekends but all in all it was a great challenge to get fitter and stronger! I loved the girl power that was encouraged!

Absolutely amazing

This challenge was worth every cent! Juls was incredible and so motivating! I loved the Eds and found them to be so informative. I would definitely reccomend this challenge and will jump on the chance to do it again :)

I finally started!

Great way to get started and to make exercise a part of my everyday life!

Bioplus Challenge

I love the accountability programme with the all round fitness

A wondetful weeks!! Thank you JEFF

Wow!! An amazing 5 weeks Fiercely Feminine challenge! Loved every minute of it!
Great Ed sessions, fantastic workouts! And just an awesome 5 weeks of good fun and plenty of motivation!!
Thank you JEFF and thank you!! Juls! 🌸❤️💃🏼

Amazing challenge

Amazing challenge I really enjoyed it

Fiercely Feminine Challenge

Incredible Challenge! Amazing workouts and Ed's,but the best part is the accountability groups. Such support and connection. We are now more then community members, we are friends for life

21-Day Challenge Pass
Larissa Naidoo
Awesome Challenge!

The Fiercely Feminine Challenge was one of the best things I ever did for my physical and mental health. Juls commitment and passion is so inspiring. I lost weight centimetres and gained so much more from all the Ed sessions. I especially loved the regular check ins with Juls😊

Fiercely connected

I have been part of the JEFF Community for 7 month. but I felt the most connected and involved during this challenge.

21-Day Challenge Pass
Strength 2 Challenge

Wow! What an amazing challenge! The 2 beautiful ladies are such machines and really inspired my team and I to push ourselves to achieve so much!

Taking back my power

The FF challenge has been amazing. It’s given me the space to take back my power. A better me means I’m better for everyone and everything else. Juls goes out of her way to connect with everyone and ensures that you stay on track. It’s up to you to make it work. I know I have. Highly recommended.

Fiercely Feminine Challenge

Wowsis love this and getting to know myself and other Jeff ladies with the guidance of Juls. Thank you


I loved the challenge. It was a wonderful boost to my 1:1. I loved connecting with Juls. Her energy and passion is contagious.

A life changing program

I have not regretted this decision for 1 second. The support and variety is amazing!!!! SO much effort went into this program. Every part is adjustable to your needs which allows you push yourself to new boundaries!!!!!

Loved this challenge

This challenge had a bit of everything- great workouts, and fantastic Eds. I loved that it was all about women and supporting and celebrating each other!

1-on-1 Personal Coaching Program
Michelle de Villiers
Not just a coach but a life long friend

I signed up with coach Dom at the start of the year. Slowly but surely the weight dropped off given I had a few obstacles one of them being covid in June I still managed to learn to put my health first. Dom and I became good friends in the process. Her motivation, personality, and determination are inspiring. JEFF team is blessed to have her as a coach ; )