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What exactly is JEFF Club?

JEFF Club embodies everything you’ve come to love about JEFF and so much more in one simple monthly subscription. The community, the support, our instructor-led programs, challenges, courses, recipes, rewards and more all in a WebApp.

How much is JEFF Club?

For just R200 pm, JEFF Club members get access to:

- Access to 100+ goal orientated exercise, nutrition & education programs.

- Several fresh classes a week from Dom, Joe, Jade, Adrian, Kathleen & others.

- Access to fresh collaborator programs each month for an additional fee.

- Calorie adjusted nutrition plans, menus & recipes to reach your goals.

- All Web App features including daily logging, social features, chats, self check-ins, rewards & habit tracker.

Can I earn Vitality points?

Yes, you are able to earn Vitality points for workouts. This is based on the length of your workout, please see our website for more details on this.

Can you sign up month to month, and cancel at any time?

Yes, JEFF Club is a monthly subscription product and you can cancel at any time.

What are the “community” and “group features” mentioned as a part of Club?

With JEFF Club’s new Web App, you’ll see that “groups” where you can interact with and support other JEFFers who are on the same program.

How do I get more information about what JEFF Club is about? 

You can go to to find out more and sign up.

I want to do one of your new Programs. How do I sign up?

You can join a new program in two ways. Either by going to and logging in with your existing login details, browsing to the programs you want to do, and signing up from within the web app. Or, by going to to learn more about the new programs, and following up the sign up process from there. You’ll need a Club membership to sign up for any new Program.

Do I need to be a Club member to do a new program or challenge?

Yes, you need to have an active Club membership for the duration of the challenge. A Club membership costs R200 per month and you can cancel at any time. If you‘re not a Club member, you’ll be prompted to join Club when signing up for the new Challenge.

I’m a 1-on-1 customer. What does JEFF Club mean for me?

As a customer with 1-on-1 coaching support, you get more value for your existing subscription. Club is built right into your 1-on-1 personal coaching and there is no impact on your current monthly subscription.

Club means you can now choose from more exercise programs.

You have access to all courses, new seasonal menus, recipes and so much more. All with the ongoing support of your 1-on-1 personal coach.

Can I use my reward points to sign up for JEFF Club?

Yes, you can use reward points for discounts when signing up for JEFF Club, and Rewards points can be applied to your recurring subscription.

Can I use a voucher to sign up for JEFF Club?

Yes, you can use vouchers for discounts when signing up for JEFF Club. Should you wish to convert an existing JEFF Life voucher to a Club Voucher, you can contact our Operations Team.

How do I stop my monthly subscription?

Visit and we will stop the monthly subscription. Please try to give us 7 days’ notice before your next payment is due to avoid us having to process a refund.  

How do I link my fitness device to earn points?

All the information on how to link your fitness device or smartphone to Vitality can be found on the Discovery website:

1-on-1 program

I’ve tried many weight loss or health programs in the past, why will this work?

This will work because we support you across three pillars: Your training, your nutrition and your mindset. Your previous failures are likely because one of these elements was not in place previously.

You will be doing world-class training sessions 4 to 5 days a week, either at home or at gym or running. You will do these training sessions in your own time, whenever it works for you. The programs have been designed by world-class Sports Conditioning Coach Johno Meintjies. They are science-based and will build up, one day at time, to make you stronger and build fitness.

Our nutrition plan is simple to follow, and enjoyable. It has simple ingredients, with easy portion control perfect for you and delicious meal plans. And yes, we do cater for vegans and vegetarians!

And they work, because we pair you up with an exceptional JEFF coach who will keep you on track, every single day. They get you in the right mindset and coach you through your behavior change. They work with you, help you set goals and support you every step of the way.

98% of our clients achieve their results.

I am pre- or post- menopausal, am I too old?

You are never too old to focus on your health. We work with everyone. At your initial assessment with your coach, we ask you a series of questions about your previous injuries. We then give you a plan that is perfect for your abilities. As long as you have no serious injuries, or underlying medical risks, we can work with you.

I am pregnant, do you cover this?

Some of our exceptional coaches are mums, and they get the challenges of this time. You’re worried about both your developing baby's health, and your own health, and probably spend too much time googling things. We will work with you during this time, in unison with your medical team to keep you exercising to the levels you are comfortable and eating appropriately. Many of our clients have worked with us up until their 3rd trimester.

What do I do if I have an injury or get sick?

If you are feeling sick or get injured it is best to rest until your body heals. For more information please contact your doctor.

How do I stop my monthly subscription?

Simply visit: Please try to give us 7 days’ notice before your next payment is due to avoid us having to process a refund.

Can I choose my coach?

All of our coaches are truly wonderful people and experts in this field. However, you may have preferences to work with someone with specific expertise in post-partum, or nutrition, or strength training. You may also have specific preferences with regards to gender. Chat to our connect team about these preferences and we will do our utmost to assist.

Where can I provide feedback or log an issue I am having with the Web App?

Please visit our Help Centre for assistance with the JEFF Web App.

JEFF Together

What is JEFF Together?

JEFF Together is a community of incredible people united in their passion for health and fitness. It is an incredibly supportive and connected community and it will change your life!

How do I join JEFF Together?

Joining JEFF Together is easy! All you need to do is visit our Facebook page JEFF Together -

Legendary REWARDS

What is Legendary Rewards?

Legendary Rewards is our loyalty program and it can be found here. You can earn loyalty points by completing activities on our site and in our community.

How do I earn points?

Create a loyalty program account and earn your first 300 points for signing up. Points will be awarded when you complete activities on our website and in our community.

Which activities earn me points?

You can earn points in many different ways. Here are a few ways you can get started - remember to keep an eye on the Web App for new ways to earn points.

- Leave a review - 300 points

- Refer a friend to sign up - 1000 points

- Watch JEFF Stories - 100 points

What is the value of each point?

This depends on the reward you want to redeem, but for the majority of rewards, 10 points is equal to a rand. There are some instances in which points will either be worth more or less.

How do I redeem points?

Points are redeemable against the rewards listed in the Legendary Rewards app. You simply need to log in to your account, click on the reward you want and follow the on-screen prompts to redeem.

How do I earn points when I refer a friend to join JEFF?

If you get your friends to join JEFF , make sure you get rewarded!

In your Legendary Rewards account page - you will see a unique Legendary Rewards URL for sharing. Send this to your friends over Facebook, Email, WhatsApp, or wherever you want. Your friends will get a 10% discount and you will get 1,000 Rewards points for each friend who signs up using that link.

I heard I can earn a discount for my 1-on-1 Coaching subscription?

That’s correct! You can earn a discount off your own 1-on-1 subscription by referring friends for either the JEFF Membership or 1-on-1 Coaching Program and using the points you earn.

For an example - to get a 50% discount off your next month’s subscription, earn points from referring 5 friends. To get a 100% discount you need to refer 10 friends and make sure they sign up. Make sure you don't use your points for other rewards.

Once you have earned these points, reach out to us and we’ll make sure the discount is applied on your next payment.

Do points expire?

Points currently expire after 12 months, but this may change at JEFF Fitness’ discretion.

Can I use more than one discount code at a time?

No, you can only use one discount code or voucher per purchase.


What happens when I purchase a gift card / voucher?

When you purchase a gift card you will receive a discount code via email. This discount code needs to be applied when you purchase a program or product.

Add the product you want to apply the discount code to, to your cart and checkout. You will then be prompted to accept the JEFF T&C's. After accepting the T&C's you will be redirected to the checkout page. This is where you will see the option to enter a discount code.

How do I use discount or gift card codes?

Discount codes need to be applied when you purchase a program or product.

Add the product you want to apply the discount code to, to your cart and checkout. You will then be prompted to accept the JEFF T&C's. After accepting the T&C's you will be redirected to the checkout page. This is where you will see the option to enter a discount code. See the example below.

How often can I use my discount code?

You can only use a discount code or gift voucher once.

Does my discount code / gift voucher ever expire?

No, discount codes and gift vouchers never expire.

Can I use discount codes or gift vouchers on an existing subscription?

No, discount codes and gift vouchers are not redeemable for existing subscriptions.

What happens if my gift card doesn't cover the full amount in my cart?

If your discount / voucher does not cover the full amount of the product or program in your cart, you will need to pay the balance with a credit or cheque card.

Competition & prizes

Terms & Conditions for Competitions & Prizes


1. The Promoter of all JEFF competitions is Johno's Fitness Proprietary Limited (registration number 2019/097519/07) (referred to in these rules as "JEFF" or the "Promoter").

2. The judge's decisions are final and binding and no correspondence or negotiations will be entered into.

3. By participating in any JEFF competitions, all participants agree to be bound by the competition rules set out in this document and the rules set out in each individual competition.

4. Competition Period: The competition commences and closes on the dates as specified upon launch, and no late entries will be accepted.

5. Entry Mechanism: All entries to the competition must follow the correct procedures as set out upon competition launch. If all requirements are not met, the entrant will not be considered to win the prize.

6. Winner selection: The winner will be randomly selected after the competition close date, and contacted either via the email address or the phone number submitted when registering for JEFF Club. Note: if the winner does not respond after 3 working days of being contacted, or if sufficient identity verification is not provided, JEFF reserves the right to draw a replacement winner.

7. Winner announcement: The winner will be announced after the closing date of the competition, within one calendar week of the closing date. The winner's name will be published on selected JEFF’s social media platforms. It is the winner’s responsibility to ensure that any information provided to JEFF is accurate, complete and up to date. By accepting the prize, the winner (and any nominated guests in certain circumstances) accepts JEFF’s full terms and conditions. The winner is responsible for any costs associated with redeeming the prize, including, without limitation, for example, travel costs, and related expenses not included in the prize. Furthermore, if a winner is selected for a prize that is location-specific, a new winner will be selected unless the winner opts to travel, or opts to gift the voucher to someone else. JEFF competition winners are selected randomly and JEFF does not accept any responsibility or liability for other costs incurred in the use of the prize such as, but not limited to, travel costs.

8. Competitions can be removed by JEFF at any time without liability prior to the selection of the prize winner. If the winner fails to comply with any competition rules or the terms of acceptance of the prize, or any other documentation required to effect delivery of the prize within a reasonable period as determined by JEFF, the winner will be disqualified and will forfeit the prize. JEFF may in its discretion decide to draw a replacement winner.

9. Individuals eligible to enter competition: JEFF competitions are open to persons who are over 18 years of age at the date of the start of the competition period, but excludes directors, members, partners, employees, consultants or agents of JEFF and their immediate families and any supplier of goods or services in connection with the competition, including the spouse, life partner, business partner or associate, or the natural or adopted parent, child or sibling, of any such persons.

10. Publishing winner’s name: Winners agree that JEFF may publish their name and photographic images on JEFF's marketing platforms including the website, newsletter and social media accounts. JEFF may request the winners to participate in marketing activities for publicity purposes, but the winners may decline such invitation.

11. Competition disclaimer: JEFF and their associated companies, agents and contractors assume no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss, damage, death, personal injuries, defamation, invasion of privacy or claims based on publicity rights arising in connection with any competition and/or promotional offer or the use of the prize. JEFF will not be liable for any costs or expenses incurred by you in relation to the prize and the use thereof.

12. Changes and cancellation: JEFF reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel or suspend any competition or promotion, or amend these rules, at any time prior to the selection of the winner, if a change in our situation or unforeseen circumstances results in us not being reasonably able to continue with the competition in its current form. In such an event, where a competition or promotion is cancelled or suspended, all participants or entrants agree to waive any rights that they may have in terms of the competition and acknowledge that they have no recourse against JEFF, their employees, agents, partners, suppliers, sponsors or promoters. Rebooking and cancellation fees apply.

13. Representations and limitations: JEFF makes no representations and gives no warranties, whether expressly or implicitly, as to the prize and makes no representations and gives no warranty that an entry will necessarily result in a participant winning a prize or that a prize will be satisfactory, punctual, free from any defects, safe or reliable. We provide the prize "as is" and without any warranties.

14. Applicable Law: These rules will be interpreted and applied in terms of South African laws.

15. Tax Implications: If any tax is payable on a prize, the winner will be responsible for the tax payment.

16. System Failure: No member of JEFF is responsible for lost, delayed, misdirected, internet or computer malfunctions, errors in transmission or any condition beyond the control of JEFF which may cause the competition to be disrupted or corrupted. JEFF reserves the right to disqualify any entrant suspected of fraud or cheating, including without limitations, through the manipulation of code or otherwise frequently falsifying data, for example, in the JEFF web app.

17. The right of admission into the competition rests solely with JEFF.

18. Any violation or attempt to violate any of the above terms and conditions will result in immediate disqualification of the participant or entrant.

19. Personal Information: By entering any JEFF competition, participants agree to JEFF processing their personal information for purposes of administering the competition and acknowledge that JEFF will retain their personal information for the periods required by applicable laws and in accordance with its privacy policy available at

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