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1-on-1 Personal Coaching Program
Coralie Scott-Mackie
1 on 1 with MEL


1-on-1 Grad Program
Janine Whelan

Not started yet

One month in

In a month I’ve lost 7 kg. For me the two most important aspects have been the need for me to be accountable to my coach and the constant checking in by my coach as to what I’m eating in and how I’m doing. It has been a revelation. I’m looking forward to the remaining two months on this program.

JEFF Life for Vitality Members


Although I don't have time to be fully involved with the community. I love all the on demand classes that I can do in my own time . very motivating

Tried it all…. Never looking back !

I was new to this community, from the outside it seemed crazy, I saw a 24hr marathon workout. I thought these people are fanatics and insane. I just didn’t know I was willing to be a part of the madness, so I checked it out and on a Sunday when I was feeling low after Covid burn out and needing a boost, I enrolled. I got a call from Coach Dom and she told me her life story in the medical world and how she needed to get out. I resonated with her. She join and see how it goes, I did that very same day and was super excited to be placed with Coach Dayne, who was not even in RSA. He is kind and soft but he gets the work done. Very gently guiding me along, showing me the path along my journey , we get along really well. He has been my inspiration to never give up. I always want to do better and strive to be better than myself yesterday. I have realised that I needed someone to talk to about emotional eating, bullying in the workplace and off course workouts. I realised workouts were not my issue, I could exercise, I loved it. Nutrition was my weak point, I am very conscious of what I eat now because the concept of taking pics of what I eat and sending it to him is a little scary even though he is not judgemental. He never enforced anything , I did. I made sure I meal prepped and eventually I won my weekends with food. I took walks instead of snacking on the couch, I fell in love with myself. No competition with anyone but the me in mirror yesterday. I learned to love the journey and never really cared about the destination. I always knew what I had to do but never had someone to walk beside me and help when the rocky treacherous part of the journey appeared and I would just slow down. Now I have someone to guide me and navigate. His support is unwavering and kind. He shows me that I must just breathe and keep going. We have become good friends. Not here for the exercise, nutrition( although I get fomo and and do it all) but for the constant support and motivation. He has shown me that it’s not about perfection but dusting yourself off when you fall and getting back up on the journey. That is the secret. It’s also about being kind to yourself and knowing what works and doesn’t. Always having options for snack attacks and never slowing down. I love JEFF, I am officially an addict. I do things in my space and time, even if it’s 10pm. I still keep going. I do things now like a 30 min run before test me Tuesday , because I’m up and don’t want to waste the time. I could never wake up to exercise willingly. I am a different person, a better one than yesterday, and I am proud of my journey thus far. Never looking back always forward …. It’s part of my lifestyle. I call it #jeffstyle! I am happy 😊🤗

Appreciation post of My 1 on 1 Journey with JEFF LIFE/ TOGETHER/ MEMBER 15/03/2021 to 15/06/2021

Johno, to say I've trusted the process is definitely what I've done for the past 3 month's on the 1-1 JEFF programe with my Coach Greg Mallett - Teams name: GREG'S GAME CHANGERS or for short The GGC'S. I've posted two stories on my Jeff Journey. One in February 2021 and one in May 2021. I still cannot believe the HUGE difference I've seen in my own transformation. It feels so unreal, but yet here I am really feeling so proud to be a part of this Phenominal platform that Johno & Juls with many others assisting to ensure the success of this Journey through one of the toughest times in History. On Test Me Tuesday (15/06/2021) was a rather emotional day for me with a lot of mixed emotions. Something no one prepares you for. The end of my 1-1 journey. I felt a bit lost and thinking when I wake up the next morning after 4am, what the hell am I going to do, as I won't have my usual routine exercise to do before the 6am session. And to also think that I won't need to take photo's of my meals and forward them off to my amazing Coach Greg who inspired, motivated and kept the communication channels open and honest all the time. Don't get me wrong, I had dark days but I never shared them, I was so proud of been a part of such a positive burst of light and energy every day that I simply pushed my personal feelings aside and made sure I kept going and not allowing anything or anyone to get me down. With a Coach like Greg with his burst of energy and a huge smile that lights up your day, I couldn't allow my dark days to get in my way. The day after my rest day, my body would go into fatigue, that was probably the worst for me, I was seriously not used to taking a day off. I'd like to take this opportunity and say a huge thank you for changing my life, flipping my switch and turning the lights on "No, not Eskom lights"🤣 but the JEFFarians. All of you are beautiful Legends, never forget that and you are all on your own personal journeys, and I applaude you all for trusting the process and placing your trust in the JEFF programm. To my Coach Greg, he is definitely a force not to be messed with. To date I've lost 11kg's in 3 months, and my body has transformed in such a way, I haven't weighed this less since before my 28 years of age son was born. I've managed to achieve my goals that I set with Greg at the beginning of my 1-1. If you put your mind to doing something and trusting the process, the sky is the limit. Whoever is on the 1-1 programm, my advice to you is NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. Believe in yourself and follow the guidance of your Coach religiously. Focus on WHY you signed up, always reflect on your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). This journey, my Journey has truly been amazing. Watching and learning - Bringing people from all walks of life across different countries together in unity. I'm a truly proud African JEFFarian and am truly honored to be a part since the beginning of this AMAZEBALLS journey on the JEFF platform. Thank you for uplifting my spirits, for the encouraging and motivating memes shared on the GGC'S group, you Legends were truly amazing and kind hearted, thank you. Thank you to Kate King for your advice, it truly meant so much hearing your journey and sharing your personal experiences and advising me to stop over training. Test Me Tuesday's: I'm sure gonna miss, but I'll still be looking out for you Legends. What a lot of Legends don't know is that every Tuesday there is a Coaches challenge to see how many of the 1-1 client's swipe in on live or catch up sessions. The GGC'S were in the Lead 6 times in a row, then Louis Hazelhurst took the Lead. It’s actually such an encouraging platform and a work up to get your sessions done. This is what it's all about, Having loads of fun. Remember, as Greg would always say, eat to nourish your body and exercise to have fun.
Don't see this programm as a diet, it's not a diet but a way of life. Change to be the BEST version of yourself.
Keep your spirits high and reach for your goals. Your Coach is there to help, motivate and support you and Greg is one my BEST I've known. Thank you so much to all who have interacted with me during my 1-1 journey and allowing me to be a part of some of your vulnerable stories. Only you can take that step into the right direction, and once you've done that, the JEFFFAMILIA will always be there to support, help and uplift your spirits to new heights. Don't sit on the fence like a chicken, fly to new highs like an Eagle. Take control of your life and health. Be the best version of yourself.

Big 5 Challenge

Absolutely worth it to do the challenge.
Love the accountability group and all the extra workouts on-top of the 1-on-1 exercises.

Karen Titley

Love jeff



1-on-1 Grad Program
Susan Human
Gradprogram - it really works

Be committed and be accountable to yourself. The plan truly works, so trust the process and you will be in the best shape of your life.

45-Day Challenge Pass
Claire van Staden
Loved this longer challenge

This is my 3rd challenge with Jules and really enjoyed the chance to do the longer format. The accountability group was great and we keep each other going for sure!

JEFF Buffs (x2)
Hilana Lambert
Jeff Buffs

Love my new JEFF Buffs, love the colour!

outstanding !!

Kirsty Prepok
Do it!!

The strongest, healthiest and greatest I have felt in ages.

Life changing

I received a great deal of support on the 1-on-1, and loved the workouts. Great value for money too.

Sustainable Program

I really love about the program that it is sustainable for me. I tried different things before, but they were all to restrictive in one or another way and this is finally something I can maintain over a long period.

Annemiek Van Dyk
Awesome community

Great workouts and weekly menu has a nice variety
Just not sure if quantities needed for certain recipes as they are not given

Very happy so far

Love it Jeff Team

I have only been a member for one month but I love the look, the vibey energetic feel, the massive selection of content and the fact that you have all of this on demand for when your own schedule suits. Great customer support every step of the way. Love it Jeff Team!

JEFF Life for Vitality Members

Life Changing

It has taken me 8 months to write this review.... I wanted to test the success and sustainability of the program before I "put myself out there".

Johno says the program is based on 3 pillars, but I disagree. Yes, the three pillars (mindset + nutrition + education) are without a doubt a winning recipe. However, the secret JEFF ingredient is the unrivalled support and community that comes with this program. Having a coach that believed in me more than I believed in myself, is what has gotten me to this point in my life.

Transformation of body and mind is very difficult and I would never have been able to do it if not for the 1-on-1 Personal Coaching Program. My personal coach pulled me back from quitting....twice! He just would not let me go and for that I will be forever grateful.

I have finally found the balance and rhythm that I thought would never happen. My anti-depressants have been dramatically reduced. My energy levels are phenomenal. My work performance is amazing. I feel absolutely fantastic. I am proud and humbled with where I am in my life right now - I honestly believed that being this happy and content was only destined for other people.

The 1-on-1 Personal Coaching Program has transformed this previously obese, unfit, insecure, glutton couch potato that was extremely unhappy with herself into a fitter, happier, healthier and confident woman that is very proud of herself.

Oh, and on top of all that.... to date I have lost 19.2kg and 65cm - but in the process also learnt that the fat and cm loss is not what its about. It's just an added bonus of living the JEFF life!


I used to pay R500 a session with a personal trainer x 3 times a week plus my gym membership. Which gave me a total of R7000 a month. I toned, but not as well as I wanted because it was to expensive to do more lessons. Then a friend introduced me to Jeff during lockdown in 2020. I started getting so many compliments on my body, and I only paid R200. Jeff gave me the ability to train 5 days a week. It was affordable and time effective. I couldn’t believe that a few cans and pillow throw can give you these results. I will be a forever Jeffer!


JEFF Life for Vitality Members

Unexpected. Easy. Best health program I've ever been on.

I've been on JEFF for a month and have already lost 3 kg. Best part—I didn't feel it. This isn't a diet but rather a healthy lifestyle that is, for once, sustainable. I love the 1,5 days 'off.' I love the exercises and that they slowly increase in difficulty as you adapt and your body adjusts. I loved how my coach listened to me and took all my foibles and follies in her stride. After being on Keto and the Plant Paradox (help me here already, I don't know which was worse) and gained more weight back when I eventually let go of the leash there (because let's admit, neither of those are sustainable) I feel healthy for the first time in ages. Even better yet, I know my goal is attainable and I can tackle it with one good decision at a time, one day at a time, with my coach by my side cheering me along.