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We offer exercise, nutrition and education classes (including live and on-demand) and programs to help employees make meaningful progress with their health and wellness, all from the comfort of their homes.


We're proud to be working with the following Teams:


for Teams

Whatever your team members' health goals, we have an exercise plan for them. Simply access the JEFF Web App, select a goal, and we'll give them expert daily recommendations, a library of delicious recipes, and live instructor-led workouts to help them get exceptional results!



✓ Access to over 50 live classes a week via the JEFF Web App

✓ Led by inspiring instructors

✓ Support of an incredible community of over 60,000

✓ Support and guidance from the team at any time

✓ Hundreds of recipes and classes available on-demand

✓ Access to the JEFF Web App to track your progress

✓ Community groups and events

Fitness Level Required: Beginner to Advanced.

Packages available for Team Sizes of 100+

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21-Day Challenge
for Teams

Life is about challenges. But what if your team had a challenge specially designed to help them make incredible progress towards their health and fitness goals in just 21 days? Well then they’d be sure to succeed!

Help your team connect with each other, feel more energised and motivated to be the best versions of themselves!

Optional: make this team challenge open to the JEFF community and extend your brand's reach!

A 21-Day Challenge includes all benefits of a JEFF Life subscription.



✓ Access to 5 exclusive live classes a week via the JEFF Web App

Led by one of our inspiring instructors

✓ Day-by-day exercise plan with live and recorded workouts

✓ Day-by-day nutrition plan

✓ High and low intensity exercise options

✓ Daily accountability support via WhatsApp and Facebook

✓ Stand a chance to win a grand prize

Optional: Earn a gorgeous branded physical medal

Fitness Level Required: Beginner to Advanced.

Only R 950 per person or work with us to create your own bespoke corporate challenge.

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Connection & team building

We know that connection is where the magic happens, where the seed of change takes place. We choose “live” to feel alive in a digital, challenged, disconnected world.

Employee tracking & engagement reporting

Measure the level of engagement from your employees.

Connect with inspiring instructors

Support and guidance from expert instructors plus live, interactive classes

Improve retention

Invest in the connection of your team members and health of your employees for a happier and healthier team.

Health & wellbeing talks

Covering topics such as: How to manage stress, balancing work and fitness, returning to work post COVID, tips for success, setting goals and more.

Optional branded workouts and talks

Showcase your brand to the JEFF community.


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