Recap: JEFFmas Run - A Festive Break and a Dash of Fun

December 18, 2020
2 Minutes

Hey JEFF Community,What better way to kick off the festive season than with a fun run? On Wednesday, December 16th, we laced up our sneakers, donned our festive hats, and hit the virtual pavement for our first-ever JEFFmas Run. And let me tell you, it was a blast!A Run Like No OtherThis wasn't your typical race. In the spirit of the season and Reconciliation Day, we took it easy and embraced the joy of running together. There were no prizes, no donations, and no winners - just a community coming together to celebrate health, happiness, and the festive spirit.Wear Your Festive HatOne golden rule of the JEFFmas Run: wear your festive hat! We encouraged everyone to get creative and add a touch of holiday cheer to their running attire. From Santa hats to elf ears, our community showed up in style, spreading smiles and spreading the festive spirit along the way.Guided Run for MotivationFor those in need of a little extra motivation, our running specialist, Coach Lee, created a special 1-hour guided run. It was the perfect companion for our JEFFmas Run, providing encouragement, tips, and inspiration every step of the way. All you had to do was download it, pop in your earphones, and let the magic of the season carry you through.Personalized Race NumbersOnce registered, each participant received their very own personalized race number. It was a small touch, but it made us feel like part of something special - a virtual community coming together for a shared experience, even when miles apart.Thank YouTo everyone who joined us for the JEFFmas Run, thank you! Your enthusiasm, spirit, and energy made this event truly memorable. It's moments like these that remind us why we love what we do - bringing people together, spreading joy, and making fitness fun.Until next time, keep moving, keep smiling, and keep spreading the JEFF love.Wishing you all a happy and healthy festive season!

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